Melville Residents' Association

Dear Melville Community,

We would like to bring the following two new liquor license applications to the community’s attention.

The first application is for a pub at 27 Boxes – The Countess. It has been operating for a while now and most of you know it has not been an easy experience with the accompanying noise as a result of the unlawful activities, events hosted, and the resultant traffic congestion/entirely blocking of 4th Ave.

Please note that a pub license means the business does not provide a meal with any alcohol, it must just be available should anybody require a bite or a snack. Alcohol will thus be the main focus.

The second application is for a Tavern in Main Road at the premises of the old Nando’s on the corner with 3rd Ave. In terms of the city’s land-use scheme a tavern is part of a residential dwelling or unit and must be zoned as such. This is not the case here, and the layout plan also depicts a dance floor. The applicant and the tenant are also not the same person/entity.

Additional liquor licenses may contribute to the noise, disturbance and security challenges Melville residents face as a result of the over-saturation of liquor-licensed businesses within a one kilometer square radius of Melville.

The MRA will draft objections and will be communicating soon again.

MRA Executive Committee
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