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In this email:

- Being the most impactful and efficient in business

- Your own efficient marketing funnel

- Coaching with me


The moments I've thought about work over the last few months, well really; the last few weeks, I've thought 'how can I focus even more, achieve the impact I'd like, and continue to create the business I and my clients love'. ie not push myself, not work too much (emotionally or physically) yet still have impact.


I know for a fact all I've learnt, taught myself and sought out on gentle living and working has helped me over the last 6 months during Covid, in our move to Canada and back, and certainly in being a new parent. Therefore using it to help me manage a very minimal return to work is vital in my eyes. 


This thinking is making me ruthless. 


What hasn't been working, even if profitable?


What, on paper and in my mind, works, but I no longer want to do?


What boundaries do I need to instil in myself and others to ensure I'm as clear and efficient as possible?


How do I go back online, without seeping into hours of wasted time?


Which of course also makes me question:


Will my very part-time working work for my clients and me? (of course I'm thinking about this for the baby too, but I also know Dom is around as much as I am so have no worries about there being a less present parent for her).


Will I be 'present' enough at work to show impact?


Some of these things I know the answer to very clearly. Other less so. 


What I know to be true is that I can have the biggest impact where I'm able to work closely and in depth with people.


I've always done this - especially so in my 121 work and then in my high impact group programmes so this isn't a change, but it's certainly confirmation that I don't at the moment want to go down a route of mass marketing (which I also think we probably need to redefine in terms of online business - what does 'mass' mean to each of us anyway?)


This means that from when I go back to work, I'll 'only', firstly, be seeing 121 clients - as opposed to seeing 121 clients AND promoting and running a group programme, hosting workshops and more. 


I will also be spending time on my podcast 'Coaching Uncovered' because there are vital conversations happening, and to be had, about how the coaching industry, coaches and the online space continues to grow.


I may put on a specialist workshop that's also been milling around my head and with a few conversations is something that sounds like it would be welcome now too, but I'll share that in another email.


If you joined my email list during the summer, I may not yet have shared with you fully how I help people. And for those who've been here longer than that I'm delighted to re-introduce myself. That, by the way, is really important for us all - because as we learn and grow, so too do we want to share with those around us (and potential clients and customers) what we're focusing on. 


I support established coaches and other service based business owners to grow their business with integrity, profits and wellbeing in mind, to serve their clients to the highest quality and ability and to run a sustainable business with long-term impact.


I'm a psychologist and coach and cancer survivor. I've run my own coaching business for nearly 7 years, most of which has taken place in the online space. 


Prior to this, I was in the NHS working in public health, supporting famillies and children to live healthier, happy lives. I lived in Dalston and worked in central London in one of the most deprived areas in the country at the time. I loved it, although as I went further up the ranks, I found myself writing more reports and analysing data when I wanted to still be talking to people face to face. I had a significant amount of time off for my cancer treatment and couldn't return to the same thing, and my head was all over the place anyway, so I took more time off then moved to the charity sector (Macmillan, Carers UK) then onto consultancy work (a lot around health tech which was really exciting, especially considering the growth of apps and tracking), all the while supporting people with their lives, self and professional improvement in one form or another.


In the 7 years since I've run my coaching business I've started and ended quite a few things. Some of these include:

- an online membership

- 9 online course launches (2 different ones, one 5 times, the other 4 times)

- worked with over 300 121 clients - around 70 in the cancer world, 100 people in more 'classic' life coaching topics, and 150+ in business coaching - specifically growing their business with integrity, profit and wellbeing in mind. If you don't know the coaching world, 300 121 clients, and all the hours that entails, equals a great deal of in-depth experience with clients

- run many free online workshops and challenges as marketing tools to promote a paid for service (usually a group programme or 121 work)

- felt sad about not having won an award as a coach yet (I know this is ridiculous but true!)

- run my business for the majority of the time that I was also in personal transition myself - post cancer, fertility treatment, baby loss, family bereavement, mental health issues, and in the latter couple of year pursuing surrogacy


I'm sharing this today because it's like a new start in a way.


I feel energised and excited to head into this phase of my business with renewed vigour, without pressure. The obvious thoughts and noise about Covid are of course around us, but I also know this work - mine and yours - has the ability to support so many people in so many ways, that it's vital this remains heard and shared over that noise too.


Does this resonate with you? If so - how? Where does it help you assess your business? 


If you want to action what I've said-  for yourself, the quickest way to do that is to ask yourself these questions too.


I would also go back to the marketing funnel we all know and love, re-draw it for yourself with the fewest but most impactful steps that help you make the most impact in the most efficient, happy ways for your own clients.


Wishing you a peaceful week ahead - despite national news. I'm spending a lot of time walking in the rain with the dog and the baby right now, which is my own peaceful, happy place.


Emily x


ps You may have seen I've shared my recent coaching clients on IG stories. I've got a handful more starting 121 this 'term' and I've just had 1 more space for coaching show up to start next week. IF this is right for right now, and you want to jump in, reply here and I'll let you know the details. 





Surrey, UK

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