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Flashbacks from Members' Quarterly Update & Business Connectivity ✈️ Member news 📣 Sweden in Focus ❗
Flashbacks from Members' Quarterly Update

Thanks to all for active participation in the Members’ Quarterly Update event!

SCCL's strategic & financial Q3 performance was presented along with Sweden’s Economic Employer initiative by our Member Grant Thornton Lithuania and their colleagues in Sweden. For those curious about the new employer taxation affecting posted workers to Sweden, press find out more!

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Flashbacks from Business Connectivity - has the Aviation Industry Recovered?

Many interesting expert insights on global aviation industry challenges, new trends and opportunities were shared during our joint webinar together with International Air Transport Association (IATA) on aviation industry recovery.

Here are some takeaways:
✅ The aviation industry is facing the biggest challenge in history.
✅ Passenger volume is predicted to recover to the pre-pandemic level around 2024.
✅ Focus on joint stakeholder cooperation, governmental involvement & aviation connectivity strategy is needed.
✅ Aviation connectivity is a crucial factor when attracting foreign investments.
✅ New passenger behavior will shape future travel trends: focus on direct flights, last-minute planning, one-way travel.
✅ Sustainability is key in aviation: investment needed in new modern fleet & new sustainable technologies.
✅ Expectations from Lithuania government: subsidies to support jobs & costs in the travel industry, effective regulation of travel restrictions, national connectivity strategy. 

Webinar video recording can be found on SCCL's YouTube channel.

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member news

Our Member Alliance for Recruitment invites you to a philosophical and practical discussion about our unconscious desire to invite into teams similar people similar to ourselves and the conscious need to attract very different ones. This seminar is a conversation "without masks", so during the event we invite you to participate when the cameras are turned on.

Date: Nov 18 at 3:00 PM. The event i held in Lithuanian!

Discussion topics:

  • How corporations implement critical hiring decisions in the labor market in comparison to start-ups?
  • With whom do battle as young leaders and how do our teams evolve as we expand as an organization?

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Baltic Amadeus

Our member Baltic Amadeus has been rewarded as the Industry 4.0 Star 2020!
The nomination is for their effort to develop efficient software for the production line of medical pumps. This device assists to make automated decisions and monitor production processes to avoid the production of defective medical devices. With this, they reduced the number of errors and increased the capacity of the production!

Litcapital nominated in the Private Equity awards

Our member LitCapital was nominated in the prestigious Private Equity awards in Europe 2020!
This award recognizes private equity deals involving a target company headquartered in central and eastern Europe which was exited in 2019.

Sweden in Focus
Traveling to Sweden updates

The Swedish government decided to prolong the entry ban, with the latest decision until December 22 nd. EEA citizens (including Lithuania) were exempted from the entry ban, in addition to the already existing exemptions. These countries are assessed to be low-risk in terms of contagion. Exemptions will be based on residence in one of the countries, not citizenship. This means that foreigners who can document that they reside in any of these countries will be allowed to enter Sweden if they do fulfill the entry requirements given in the Schengen Border Code and the Visa Code.
The exemption will also be made for the following categories:

  • Foreigners who are coming to Sweden to study.
  • Highly skilled professionals, if the job can not be postponed or be done remotely.

For more detailed information and constant updates, visit Swedish Police website.

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