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Yoga & Dance Easter Festival

We have been working hard on the preparation of Yoga & Dance Easter Festival and we came up with an amazing festival program!

Are you up for an ice bath or are you more into conscious dancing?
The full festival program is available on our website. 

We still have some tickets available so feel welcome!

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Summer of Loving Service Camps

Ready for an amazing volunteering experience this summer?

Join our ALL SUMMER CAMP and experience Ängsbacka in several different contexts: the family vibes of Midsummer, No Mind and Conscious Parenting, exploring sexual energy during Sexsibility and Tantra, and grounded practice during Yoga.

The whole summer a bit too much for you? No worries we have other combo camps as well!

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Coming events at Ängsbacka

Pink Tantra

Easter Festival Deepening

Are you ready for something more, something higher and purer, something more profoundly healing? We offer you a step-by-step journey into the healing powers of unconditional Love.

22-25 April

Tantric Dating Masterclass

Up for an adventure of love? We have four days of flirting, relaxing, dancing, exploring sexual energy and tantric exercises. Sauna, forest walks and deep soulful connections with yourself and others.

2 - 5 May

Sexual Intelligence

Explore yourself through a profound personal process, taking the time and space to explore the collective split between sexuality and the heart.

8 - 12 May
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Sacred Womb - Women's Festival

We invite you into the open space between the different aspects of womanhood. Our intention is to strengthen all those bridges that we might feel separate us from each other, or even cause separation within our own lives.

15 - 19 May

The Zen Way of Coaching

Relaxing Into Being is the foundational element, and forms the bedrock of the Zen Coaching approach. Here we explore the simplicity and power of stopping and simply being – enjoying this moment as it is.


Volunteered at Ängsbacka in 2018 or 2019? If you book now you will get 1000 NOK discount on the course fee and 600 SEK discount on your accommodation.

31 May - 5 June

Midsummer at Ängsbacka

Midsummer is the time of the year when the darkness of night is replaced by a magical twilight. Enjoying a seemingly endless supply of sunlight, we will have time full of dance, music, play and plenty of fun for the whole family

20 - 22 June
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Goddess Magic - Kundalini yoga and jade egg retreat

New launch! Emma Öberg invites all modern witches to join her in September - A week-long self-love ritual to evolve and upgrade to next level.Book TODAY and get more then 30% Make it happen-discount!

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Other news from Ängsbacka


Karma Store, founded at Ängsbacka, carefully sources clothing, jewelry, accessories, beauty products and spiritual necessities from local and foreign eco-friendly companies. Now they have a completely new webshop that we love to share with you.

Welcome to the bohemian world! Let's heal the world together by choosing and supporting organic products! Karma Store may be rooted in the forests of Sweden, but they live everywhere online!

Byron Katie visits Stockholm

Byron Katie will make a rare visit to Stockholm. Come and meet one of the greatest teachers of our time, who through The Work and her unique clarity helps people find liberating insight and deep inner peace in a most authentic way. 

Learn more ...


Deva Premal & Miten with Manose

The superstars of mantra song will come to Stockholm with Manose and band on October 4th! When they first came to Sweden there were 20 people in the audience. This time they play at Stockholm Waterfront and 3000 people can celebrate the new time we live in!

Get your tickets here! 

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