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Have you figured out screen-recording yet?
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Yes, it's easy on your phone. But I'm sure you've panicked at some point trying to record your computer screen... specially when you have to include your webcam.

For now, we've at least figured out how to share newsletters. You know the drill 👇

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RecordScreen 📹 website

This one is as quick as it is efficient

If you own a MacBook, screen recording is as easy as hitting a few keys on your keyboard (CMD + Shift + 5); but you won't always have your MacBook with you.

RecordScreen is an online tool that lets you record your screen and your webcam, without having to pay for, or download, anything. No extensions, no apps, no plugins.

After you click "Record!", you're given the option to choose between recording only the screen, or adding your webcam to the recording as well. 

Look at the GIF below - if I choose "Screen + Cam", I'm shown a tiny circle with the text "Camera Placement", this is where my face would appear if I enabled my webcam.

How to use

It's as straight forward as that! If you choose the first option, you can move the camera placement to anywhere on the screen.

Note the black window that opens up after starting to record - this is my browser's "permission" window. You'll see this too. This is your browser asking you what exactly you want to let RecordScreen record. Here you can choose the specific tab you're on, the entire browser (all tabs), or your entire screen (other applications as well). 

All of the videos are processed in the browser, and none of your content is stored on any servers - so as private as privacy goes.

The only downside to this method is that it outputs videos in WebM format (as opposed to your usual mp4). So when you download your screen recordings, you'll see that double clicking on it will open up your video in a browser, and not in your video app.

If you want to convert webm to mp4, any online converter should help you with do so. Other than that, I've found this to be an extremely quick (and easy to remember) way to record your computer screen, whenever.

Price? Free! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Available? All browsers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

In a hurry to record your screen?

🚨Important Announcement🚨

I'm not sure about what your experience has been like, but given the state of the world (pandemic, social justice, or anything else going on), I've found that there has been a lot of content coming my way. 

Newsletters, daily forums, blogs, news in general - it's a lot. I sometimes even skip a day or two just to not have to go through all of it. 

The Tech-Letter was designed to help you engage in your digital activities in a faster, and simpler way. But with so much going on, receiving these twice a week can sometimes be overwhelming or go unseen - and I wouldn't want that. 

So for now, I've decided to send this email every Monday (until further announcement), as opposed to twice a week. This gives you a chance to read it whenever, but also start your week off right (and productive). I've also started sending out an email every Saturday to folks who missed a certain tech-letter because you received it in another inbox, it went to spam, or you simply didn't have time. 

I hope this makes dealing with your day-to-day, a bit easier for everyone.

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