#1, 1-31 January, 2019



Rezonansi, January 16, Marshalpress, January 18, Sakinformi, January 22, Rezonansi, January 22, Spiridon, Bishop: “You are Ham, you are doing the same what Ham did. If you do not turn back and repent, you will become exactly the same. The Negroes have become Ham’s successors and those who follow you [Petre Tsaava] will also turn black.”



Interpressnews, January 30
Nino Burjanadze, Democratic Movement – United Georgia: “I am the only politician, who makes statements about the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Abkhazia, blockading the Gali district, and closure of the so called border, not allowing the government to hush up this and other sensitive issues facing the country.” 

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, January 27, Jondi Bagaturia, Georgian Troupe: “1.5 million citizens of Georgia have left the country and not a single country has created similar conditions for them… So, how can Asians and Africans, migrants from poor Asian and African countries, occupy the place of those 1.5 million Georgians, who left our country?” 

Georgia and World, January 30, Levan Chachua, Georgian Idea: “Just imagine, [according to the Marrakesh Treaty] migrants should have dignified jobs, whereas absence of jobs has forced a great part of our citizens to seek shelter in foreign countries, to work in the hardest conditions there and send money to their families [in Georgia]. Policy, which compels the Georgians to run away from Georgia and which promotes the resettlement of foreign nationals here, is absolutely inadmissible, and no matter how the government justifies itself, it has only one name – treason. The only way to force the government to reject this treacherous plan and not to resettle aliens lies through the public unity.” 


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, January 28, Nino Ratishvili, host: “There are a lot of footages about how the same migrants treat the Germans, French, Italians and others. And nothing is written about them; they are not so much concerned about it, trying to conceal it. At the same time, entire Europe is furious about Georgian citizens, i.e. this is how we are discrediting Georgia.” 

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, January 27, Giorgi Kasradze, host: “How justified is it to implement the document like this, to sign it on the part of the government and even allocate budgetary funds for its purposes? The question is about GEL 15 million allocated by the government for financing migrants, and it happens when a lot of Georgian citizens are on the verge of starvation and a lot of children live in poverty… The country, which faces economic hardship, makes a decision to accept, feed and even grant relevant residence documents to migrants.” 

Alia, January 28 – February 3, Levan Javakhishvili, journalist: “We supposed that Ivanishvili would have reined foreign-funded pseudo-liberal forces and would have paved the way for the national forces towards the government, but he, too, continued Saakashvili’s path – he made liberasts even stronger… We thought that the process of resettlement of aliens would have been terminated but we were mistaken.”

Asaval-Dasavali, January 28 – February 3, Giorgi Gigauri, journalist: “By the way, neither do the Azerbaijanis fall behind the Armenians by dreaming about misappropriating Georgia’s ancient lands. They are spreading the maps, where Kvemo Kartli is cut from Georgia (see picture No. 1), promoting the idea among the Azerbaijanis living in Georgia that the term “Kvemo Kartli” is incorrect and that it is called “Borchali!” According to them, Dmanisi is called Baskachid, Marneuli – Sarvan, Gardabani – Karayazı, Bolnisi – Kioruk Kamarli, Tsalka – Barmaksiz, Tetritskaro – Agbulag and so on (see picture No.2)!”

Civil society organizations

Georgia and World, January 30, Dimitri Lortkipanidze, the Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center: “This Pact [the Marrakesh Treaty] is political; Georgia should give shelter to a part of hundreds of millions of migrants wandering around the globe, because a total of 164 countries made a decision that those hordes of migrants, who come to Georgia, should be accepted without any problems; moreover, they should be provided with necessary documents, dignified jobs and housing.” 

Alia, January 28 – February 3, Sandro Bregadze, Georgian March: “This country is destructing; Georgian nation is on the verge of extinction; the youth is running away, while Asian and African migrants are settling down on our soil. Quite soon Georgians will turn into an ethnic minority.”
Social network


Georgia and World, January 31, Guram Kartvelishvili, historian: “I will bring you simple statistics: Turkey accepted two million migrants and 380 000 children were born in a year. These are socially vulnerable refugees. Now imagine, what will happen in Georgia after they bring really “fruit-bearing” ethnos here. Georgia will end its existence; refugees in question are really aggressive people. We see it every minute after the example of Europe. Refugees will come to our country in order to expel us from this country. It is the goal of any refugee, especially as we talk about such paradise like our country.” 

Obieqtivi, News, January 28, a protester: “Do you like that millions of migrants are arriving in Georgia, washing entire country away, while our citizens burning with love for Georgia have emigrated abroad?” 



Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, January 24, Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi, Alliance of Patriots: “The NGO established by Mr. Tariel Nakaidze called “the Union of Georgian Muslims”, who tries – Tariel Nakaidze himself and some other people – to declare me as the enemy of Islam, everybody, who try to do it, serves Turkey, because we just protect Georgian Muslims from the Turks and I just lead the society called “the Union of Muslim and Christian Brothers for the Unity of Georgia” to resist Turkey.” 

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, January 30, Gubaz Sanikidze, Democratic Movement – United Georgia: “99% of the problem [related to Ukraine’s autocephaly] is political and 1% is an ecclesiastical issue… Does anybody doubt that the Turkish special services have an influence on the Patriarch of Constantinople, the Patriarchate?.. By the way, dear Georgians, the Greek clerics have no right to wear clerical apparels in Istanbul… The West is behind the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, and what happened after the Americans are withdrawing their troops from Syria is the same thing. The Turks were given bonuses from the West; North Syria was also ceded to it in exchange for engaging it in such a difficult struggle.” 


Sakinformi, January 31, editorial board: “Sakinformi reminds you that Turkey considers the Batumi airport as its internal airport; moreover, Sakinformi has published the maps, on which Adjara is part of Turkey – it is located within the latter’s borders. Let Sakinformi also remind you that the validity of the Treaty of Kars, according to which Adjara has been handed over to Georgia for a term of 100 years under the guarantee of the Russian Federation, expires in two years. So, it is not ruled out that the talks with the Georgian government were suspended due to the demand of the Turkish side to expand the Turkish airport (by decision of President Saakashvili, the Tbilisi and Batumi airports were transferred to the Turkish company TAV Georgia with the right to operate it for no less than 50 years).”

Georgia and World, January 24, Davit Mkheidze, author: “The Russian Empire is the only one among historically known empires, where the invaded nations live better than the invaders. As for Georgia, it is a huge injustice to describe as an invader the country, whom you had been asking for help and patronage for years. When you received the both, when you survived physical destruction and moral degradation in the Islamic ocean, and instead of expressing gratitude, after 200 years you call Russia a historical enemy and dub as historical friends those (Iran-Ottoman Empire), from whose slavery just Russia saved you, it is nothing but historical ingratitude that is a great sin, on the one hand, and an act that is punishable, on the other. It is worth noting that we are being punished for already three decades in a form of losing Sokhumi and Tskhinvali, but if it continues in the same manner, we may lose other territories as well, to say nothing about the return of Sokhumi and Tskhinvali. We will have to thank them for not marking the border at Kutaisi there and Marneuli here, or for not destructing us as the State!” 

Discrimination on religious grounds


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, January 24, Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi, Alliance of Patriots: “Just imagine, [Mikheil] Saakashvili and [Giga] Bokeria allegedly have no links to it, but actually they are directly linked to it; when recently the Catholic Church complained against the Orthodox Church, who, do you think, was behind? [Giga] Bokeria and late Kakha Bendukidze, the legal department of his University rendered legal services; the Rector of this University is the person who donated money to Bokeria’s party; there were also seven other churches, two-man churches and Mr. Bokeria visits all of them for the Eucharist.”  

Georgia and World, January 24, Levan Chachua, Georgian Idea: “Ukraine’s so called church independence was welcomed and supported by some clerics of the Georgian Orthodox Church, media outlet Tabula, the Union of Muslims of Georgia and so called Baptist church, whose fake bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili even held a prayer service and even the representative of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church participated in this ecumenical bacchanalia. It was funny that during his prayer service, Songulashvili put an Orthodox bishop’s mitre on his head. In our country, the most active supporters of Ukraine’s autocephaly are the members of Misha’s sect – the National Movement, as well as liberal non-governmental organizations and several media outlets, i.e. those hellish forces, who have been fighting against the Patriarch, Orthodox Church and mocking at the clergy for many years.” 


Georgia and World, January 17, Giorgi Razmadze, a cleric: “As soon as the Ecumenical Patriarch handed over a tomos to Ukraine and politicians, clerics from various countries started to make statements, some people in Georgia also rushed to congratulate. Among them were Malkhaz Songulashvili, also “Metropolitan” of Baptists, Bishop Rusudan [Gotsiridze of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia], and a priest “consecrated” in Ukraine, [Gigi] Ugulava’s friend. The Community of Muslims of Georgia also released a statement on the issue. So, this fact confirms that these ecumenical servants of Satan are jointly fighting against our Church. People, who have any common sense and capability to analyze, should understand what happens.” 

Asaval-Dasavali, January 21-27, Davit Isakadze, archpriest: “The results are especially grave when a senior cleric compromises with a top cleric of Catholic heresy. By this reason, the church itself may face some troubles. Catholicism is deviation from the church dogma and heresy. A cycle of troubles started for the Russian church after Russian Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis signed a joint declaration in Cuba three years ago. The Russian Patriarch was looking in the eyes of Pope Francis with admiration.”



Asaval-Dasavali, January 14-20, Gogi Tsuladze, Free Georgia: “I would wish that everyone, like me, gazes at women rather than at men’s asses!”

Obieqtivi, Okros Kveta, January 19, Nino Burjanadze, Democratic Movement – United Georgia: “When they tell the youth ‘do you know what? You can do everything… if you want to smoke marijuana, just do it; if you want a same-sex marriage, you are free.” 


Asaval-Dasavali, January 14-20, Giorgi Gigauri, journalist: “One pederast [Niko Gorgiladze] wrote a poem on the Christmas day and posted it in social network. The poem is certainly sacrilegious and insulting for believers! As I told you, “the poet” is pederast!.. Of course, they are oppressed by nature, but look at them, they are full of aggression and hatred against people, church, sanctities and everything Georgian, and they are rebuking us for using “hate speech.” They demand us to respect them and to acknowledge their pederasty as a norm. But there is only one truth: they all are Satanists and they can never be recognized as ordinary members of the society. So, if Mamuka Khazaradze escapes the jail, he will present the Saba award to this pederast Niko as well, for insulting the Patriarch and the saints “poetically.”

Alia, January 14-20, Nana Sulava, journalist: “The relations between [Bidzina] Ivanishvili and [Eka] Beselia became tense as far back as spring 2014, when Ivanishvili was ordered from above to legalize same-sex marriage in a forced manner. I, as a journalist, am against discrimination, but I am also against imposing the depravity on us under the pretext of the law.”

Alia, January 21-27, Sandro Bregadze, Georgian March: “How happy Tabula and liberasts are about termination of Georgian March. But let me tell you that Georgian March has been suspended temporarily!!! Why? It happened not because of liberasts, but because of some of our associates… Let me remind you – during a year Georgian March held the largest national manifestation on Agmashenebeli Avenue; we compelled them [the government] to ban same-sex marriage at a constitutional level… imposed moral terror on the Soros foundation, dismantled the occupation of Rustaveli Avenue by drug dealers and LGBT activists and so on – Now, I address you, my friends, should Georgian March resume its activities?”


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, January 18, Manana Nikoleishvili, education expert: “When they dismissed national-minded and creative teachers from schools [under Saakashvili’s rule] and brought maniacs, who were then having intercourse with pupils… There were a lot of cases, which were not disclosed. These people were appointed as principals, their deputies or teachers, all belonging to various sexual minorities. Some of them had intercourse with female pupils, others with boys. So, they brought maniacs and do you think that such people should not have been dismissed?”

Kviris Palitra, January 21-27, Temo Gvalia, actor: “The present generation is very purpose-oriented, but there are some things that I do not like. For example, I do not like the men becoming very effeminate. Recently, I heard the dialogue of a twenty-year old girl and boy. Initially, I thought that the both were girls, because they were talking so effeminately. It makes me feel so bad.”

Anti-Western sentiments


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, January 24, Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi, Alliance of Patriots: “It is impossible to cause discord in the Orthodoxy only because a lot of people, especially in America and Europe believe that the Orthodoxy is a huge misfortune and therefore, it should be weakened. And generally, pay attention, they consider Orthodoxy rather than fundamental Islam – I do not mean generally Islam - more radical that is nothing but delirium… Orthodoxy, like real Islam and Catholicism, is calm religion, and these religions do not require any fundamentalism; they cannot be changed upon the desires of LGBT people or special services.” 

Kavkasia, Spektri, January 8, Davit Chichinadze, independent lawmaker: “We are not the society, which supports the minorities. We are the traditional society… The Orthodox Church enjoys huge trust and all attacks against it are punishable in this country. There are a lot of things in Europe that are unacceptable, because they try to achieve the dominance of the minority interests over the majority interests; and this is just what we try to introduce first of all… Maybe, it is possible not to harm each other.”


Asalav-Dasavali, January 14-20, Giorgi Gigauri, journalist: “So, if everything goes in the “European” direction and Vasil Maglaperidze’s public broadcaster also proves successful, transgender Anastasia will represent Georgia at the 2019 Eurovision contest. Just imagine what a big step towards Europe we will take! Shortly speaking, if we become “extremely European,” like Germany, they will legalize “third sex” like the Swedish; they will jail us for casting doubts about femininity of transgender people and we will have a pederast married to a man as the head of government, like in Luxembourg. Do you want Europe? You are welcome!”

Georgia and World, January 17
Beso Barbakadze, journalist: “The fact is that Georgia has turned into a firing range of experiments with Europe and America closely watching what will happen here after conducting this or that experiment. Current issues related to homosexuals and family, along with the virus disease outbreak, prompts them to observe our reactions with a loupe. Afterwards, the interested states will know for sure how the Georgian population behaves during epidemics; how they behave, when their traditional values are jeopardized; at the next stage, they will improve their experiments so that to reduce sharp reactions and impose on us what we actually do not want. They hope that sooner or later we will get tired of fighting; but nobody has yet seen Georgia tired of fighting and … 


Rustavi 2 TV, Kurieri, January 18; Marshalpress, January 18; Rezonansi, January 18; Alia, January 21-27; Obieqtivi, Okros Kveta, January 19, Archbishop Spiridon (Abuladze) of Skhalta: “[Addressing Metropolitan Petre Tsaava] you are stupid, you have lost common sense. Whose megaphone are you – those, who want to trigger unrests in Georgian church. Who is it? I know well, who it is – those who legalize transgender people, pederasty, and homosexuality throughout the world and now they adopted the laws envisaging imprisonment of those people, who say bad things about transgender people. They do not even write a woman or a man in birth certificates, noting that these people will decide themselves whether they are men or women after they grow up. They want to see unrests in the church; they are slandering the church and you are their megaphone.” 



Kviris Palitra, December 31 – January 7, Amiran Buchukuri, respondent: “The Parliament is full of mannish women. A woman should look like a woman. It should not be up to fortuneteller Torgva to decide whether it is a man or a woman. As soon as she utters a word, you will see that she is ill-mannered. She [Irma Inashvili] is just putting on airs. A woman from Mtiuleti does not behave like this. She is said to be from Mtiuleti and that made me very angry. If she had been from our region, I would have made her feel ashamed. I would not have concealed it.”

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