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OCTOBER 27, 2020


For many of us, this holiday season will be different from ones in the past. For instance, we won't be hosting our usual multi-family Thanksgiving dinner. So, I have a suggestion. Why not spend the holidays in Indigo Bay?  

The Indigo Bay world has been written so readers can dive in anywhere in the series without missing a beat so grab a glass of sweet tea (or in this case a cup of eggnog or spiced hot apple cider!) and enjoy yourself reading these six sweet, heartwarming holiday romances…


A single matchmaker. A local teacher. And one Christmas mix-up.

Paisley Barrett runs Mistletoe, a concierge matchmaking service. During the holidays, business should be booming, but her investors think she's the reason it's not. A thirty-something single matchmaker doesn't inspire confidence in clients. So, they hand her an ultimatum—find a boyfriend by the new year or she's out of a job.

Knox Calhoun puts his teaching career first, much to the dismay of his overbearing southern mother who wants him to settle down. Desperate to avoid the usual holiday pressure, he sets about pitching in with various Christmas activities around the town. His plan is working... until he bumps into his sister's beautiful boss. A kiss under the mistletoe might be in the cards... if Paisley weren't in town on business.

From the author of Birch Harbor and Hickory Grove comes the fifth story in the Indigo Bay Christmas Romance Series.


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Ariana Carol has the voice of a siren. But after an embarrassing incident on stage, she walked away with stage fright so severe that she barely speaks. So when she’s singing late one night to the crashing waves, she’s shocked to find that a handsome man hears her voice.

Now that he’s back in his hometown and out of the service, all Eric Prince craves is silence and solitude on his house boat. After surviving a bomb attack in a combat zone, his PTSD has made him leery of loud noises and large crowds. But the sound of Ari’s voice brings him a peace he never thought he’d find again. Getting the shy woman to talk to him, much less sing for him, becomes this soldier’s new mission in life.

When Prince learns that he’s the reason Ari went mute all those years ago, his toughest battle will be in front of him; the battle for Ari’s heart and her song. Ari can’t believe she’s falling for the boy who silenced her because he’s transformed into the man that makes her soul sing. But when she learns he’s hiding a painful secret, will their love be strong enough to heal both old and new wounds?


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Sweet Mistletoe and Sweet Carol, along with the other four Indigo Bay Christmas Romances (and all the other Indigo Bay series books), are written as standalone stories, so they can be read in any order.


Try Sweet Matchmaker, from the first Indigo Bay series FREE, but only through October 29.

Ginger McGinty hates liars. And she just married a spy.

Bridal shop owner Ginger McGinty excels at matchmaking unless it’s for herself. That is, until she meets the dreamy Aussie who helps her get into an event meant for engaged couples. Logan Stone is sweet, caring, thoughtful and fun—everything she desires in a man. But it turns out, her new fake fiancé could use a bit more than just a pretend engagement to get him into parties—he needs a quick marriage to keep him in the country so he can be with his adopted special needs daughter.

With a marriage of convenience pro-con list longer than the average wedding veil, Ginger puts her faith in romance and offers Logan her hand in return for one thing—no lies.

But little does she know, almost everything she knows about her new husband is based on a lie.

Everything except his kisses and the way he accidentally spills his soul whenever they meet. And that’s quickly becoming a problem for Logan Stone who depends on distance and deceit to keep civilians such as Ginger safe from his enemy’s clutches.

Will the two find love in their marriage of convenience, or will everything break apart when the truth rises to the surface, shattering everything, including their trust?

This is the second book in the Indigo Bay Sweet Romance series as well as a spinoff prequel for Jean Oram’s Veils and Vows series. This heartwarming romance can be read on its own without any worries about missing important plot bits so give it a whirl and get swept away today!

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I'll be hosting at two coming up later this week.

At Happily Ever After Stories—Sweet Romance—Reader Group

I'll be popping in and out with posts and comments throughout the party. Look for my giveaway, along with the other authors'




An all-day party with me hosting specifically from 1 to 1:30, my usual lunchtime. Lots of laughs and giveaways.


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