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Here it is... Book 2 in Keyla's harem - Dark Soul.
(Book 7 in the Guardians of the Fae Realms - Following Calli's harem)

I hope you love it and enjoy the continuing love story of Keyla and her mates.


Hoorah, it's Launch Day!

A curse to break. A sister to find. A quadrant to reclaim.

After the initial shock of being soul seared to a stranger, Creed and I realize the universe might know what it's doing afterall. As the two realms unite and initial relationships are made, the news of our mating breeds more than salacious curiosity throughout Dornte—it ignites hope. 

The citizens want safety. And freedom. And the restoration of the royal family.

With the rule of the usurper queen threatened, Laryssa's claws come out and her most effective weapons against Creed are: threatening my life, tormenting his sister, and empowering the blood witch to torture him with the dark beast he's been cursed with.

But Creed isn't alone in his fight anymore. Now he has us.

Yes, please!
Start with Dark Curse - Book 1 in this trilogy

Monsters, Magic, and Mates I never knew existed.

Kia versus power pole isn't the end I expect—it's the beginning of... gawd, where do I begin? 
Four wildly sexy males. Powers I don't understand. And the eyes of the fae world on me as the person to unite the severed realms. No pressure.

Start with the first harem in the series

Enjoy. Hugs to all. And as always, if you have a great idea or situations you are dying to see, let me know. Sending you a huge wave of virtual lurve and appreciation. Thank you for helping me make my books better. 

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