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July 17th, 2020
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Engineering Research Reactivation SharePoint

The Engineering Research Reactivation all-inclusive SharePoint page has helpful reopening resources, important processes, and documents that need to be completed and approved to "return to research". Please request access if prompted. 

Important Announcement: 

Where is my "LABORATORY PLAN FOR A SAFE RETURN" in the approval process?

You can see what step of the approval process your plan is on by looking under the “Engineering Research Reactivation” folders on the SharePoint site. 

  • If the plan has been approved by the Department Chair, you can see if it has been sent to VPRI by clicking on “EGR ADR Review” > “At VPRI for Review”. If the plan is in the “At VPRI for Review” folder then it is currently being reviewed by VPRI.
  • To check to see if your plan has been completely approved by all required departments (DC, EGR Dean's Office, and VPRI), you can click on the “VPRI Final Approved Plans” folder. If your plan is in the “VPRI Final Approved Plans” folder then you approved to return to research. Monique Blackmer ( will reach out to you. 

SharePoint Page
Facade: Identity in the Digital Age | Dr. Arun Ross

An ICER Research Highlights documentary - featuring the work of CSE Professor Arun Ross and his students in the Integrated Pattern Recognition and Biometrics (iPRoBe) Lab -- won a silver award at this spring’s 41st Telly Awards. The video story was selected out of 13,000 entries for this top science-writing honor. Take a look:

Training, Education, & Resources

SPA/OSP/CGA, in collaboration with SPROUT and an extensive network of MSU staff involved in pre-award, post-award and compliance aspects of research administration, provide a certified training series for research administrators and other support staff with responsibilities for research proposals, grants, contracts, and pre- and post-award administration at MSU. Learn more HERE.


As the university begins to move towards restarting human research activity that requires in-person interactions and continues to support research that can be done remotely, there are important IRB considerations regarding the conduct of human research in the time on COVID-19. This webinar will highlight some practical IRB considerations for conducting research remotely and research activities that require face to face interactions, with time for questions at the end of the session. Click HERE

Meat and Poultry Safety, Product Quality and Nutrition Sciences Research Grants

The Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education (Foundation) is a non-profit research, education and information foundation established to study ways the meat and poultry industry can produce better, safer products and operate more efficiently. The Foundation funds a broad range of food safety, worker safety, nutrition and consumer information projects. Learn more HERE

American Cancer Society Funding Programs

The American Cancer Society has multiple funding programs with a deadline of October 15, 2020. To learn more, click HERE

Lunar Surface Technology Research Opportunities

The goal of LuSTR is to accelerate the development of groundbreaking technologies that support and enable lunar surface activities to be conducted under Artemis - the core of NASA's exploration and human spaceflight plans for the next decade. Learn more HERE.

Request for Applications: CZI Deep Tissue Imaging RFA

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's Imaging program seeks to enable researchers everywhere to visualize, measure, and analyze the biological processes underlying health and disease. CZI invites applications for its new Deep Tissue Imaging Request for Applications (RFA) to help support innovations in deep tissue imaging technology, focused on obtaining critical, high-resolution data at the cellular level.

International Quantum U Tech Accelerator

The Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate in partnership with the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (and others, see press release in link provided) are excited to announce a special opportunity in the name of quantum science. It is called the 1M Dollar International Quantum U Tech Accelerator. Learn More HERE

DER's Proposal Volume

The chart above shows DER's Proposal Volume as of (07/17/2020).

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DER Seminars
Miss the Last Seminar? Watch it Here!

The NSF Career Awards seminar presented by Dr. John Verboncoeur will empower and educate faculty who are looking to submit an NSF Career Award. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the ways to achieve your NSF Career Award. Please bring your NSF questions and be prepared to enhance your knowledge.

Watch the Seminar Here

DER Seminar Website

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