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GRRAND TAILS - November 2019
Meet Our Dogs

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't forget us on Thanksgiving!  Unless your little 4-legged turkey has health issues, here are some foods you can safely feed your dog:

Shredded Turkey Breast without the fatty meat; Sweet Potatoes without spices; Carrots if your dog is not diabetic; 
Green Beans
without seasoning; CranberriesApple Slices without the seeds or skin; Pumpkin with nothing added (this treat helps regulate your dog’s digestive tract)

And remember, there are several common foods that are harmful to dogs. 

Avoid:  Onions and Garlic; Mushrooms; Raisins; Cooked Bones;  Heavy Fats like butter and fatty turkey skin; Alcohol; Nutmeg; Chocolate

Scottie Needs a Foster Home

Scottie, with GRRAND since June, is as sweet as she can be and gets along with all people she meets! This pretty girl is very Alpha and will do best in a home as the only pet and she is a little TOO interested in cats. She is just a pup, (is house-trained) so she has plenty of energy and will need a home that can give her the exercise and direction she needs to be a good girl. 

She weighs 50 pounds and is all muscle, so it's difficult to control her on a leash. Training will be required when she goes to her new family and GRRAND is prepared to pay for two weeks of training while boarded at The Pet Station.

She has the most beautiful green eyes, and will melt your heart when you see her!  We need to get this cutie into a foster home or a forever family, so if you could open your hearts and home to her, she will love you forever!

GRRAND is looking for YOU! We need foster families to step up!

GRRAND is looking for folks like you who care deeply about the welfare of displaced dogs and are willing to provide respite for them until a forever home is found. Our kennel will be shutting down next month (for 8-10 months) as construction begins for the Pet Station.  With this reduction in kennel space and a shortage in foster homes, we will regretfully have to limit the number of dogs we take into our rescue program.   

You can be a part of the solution!  If you are willing to foster a GRRAND dog, please submit a foster application as soon as possible.  


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