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We are happy to welcome on board new Director Aušra Kukelkaitė, the experienced communications professional with both national and global projects under her belt. Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė will pursue new challenges as Director of newly established Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation MJJ fondas, while continuing to contribute to the development of GLL network so passionately built during last six years. The smooth continuity of essential GLL projects will be assured by Lina Dusevičienė.

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MJJ Fondas | Foundation by Global Lithuanian Professional

GLL salutes new initiative of global Lithuanian professional Marius Jakulis Jason – MJJ fondas, a personal non-profit foundation, aimed at supporting new prospective business ideas, global Lithuanian professors and researchers willing to play active part in the reforms of higher education, and talented students gaining high level international education with the mission to bring their valuable expertise back home. GLL views the operations of the foundation as wide opportunities for growing GLL community. More information about the opening ceremony HERE and the initiative HERE.

GLL Membership | Your support Is Our inspiration!

Meet GLL Patrons, high-level professionals who contribute to our community with the most valued advice  as well as support GLL financially. Since introduction of voluntary GLL membership packages  back in October, we have over 50 supporting GLL members. Huge appreciation to each and every one of them! We firmly believe it is only a beginning of creating a more sustainable, independent and even stronger network of Lithuanian proffesionals. 

Two pages attached is the attempt to summarise the abundance of GLL activities – all for the mission of conscious community building and development of engaging projects.  

Your kind support by choosing paid membership is our inspiration and obligation to scale and reach out for more.

Talent for Lithuania | New Season Calls

The 8th season of Talent for Lithuania is at the doorstep! The high quality talent attraction program for internationally educated graduate students of Lithuanian descent has already attracted over 90 ambitious young professionals back to Lithuania. Lithuania-based companies looking to hire recent graduates with international experience are encouraged to submit their request to participate in the program on our website. Students, as well as recent graduates are welcome to register on our on-line map and follow our Facebook page to learn about the newest updates first.  

LT Big Brother | Big Brothers in Demand

LT Big Brother is preparing for the new 11th season and high level professional mentors - Big Brothers of the program -  are in high demand, especially from but not limited to IT, Medicine and Engineering.  If you have professional experience and broad social network, love sharing knowledge, expertise and contacts, would like to inspire and be part of young professional’s career, contact us at For more - follow the program on FB.

Global Lithuanian Professionals in Action | Sponge Bob & A. Mamontovas Have Something in Common

We are very happy to see global Lithuanian connections  resulting in great projects in various industries, including the arts. A little while ago, thanks to Lithuanian American Business Association in Los AngelesKaz Prapuolenis has visited Lithuania for the first time. Here, he met Andrius Mamontovas, and this led to a unique album cover for him, drawn by the Emmy Award winner, co-author of Spongebob Squarepants. Congratulations to both artists on this beautiful collaboration! Read MORE.

Global Lithuanian Professionals | Meet-Up in Washington DC

On March 9, 2019, upon joint initiative of the Embassy of Lithuania in the USA and active clubs of Lithuanian professionals abroad, global Lithuanian professionals of the North America will meet in Washington DC to discuss the concepts and possibilities of their more active engagement in the development of more active business relations between the two countries. 

GLL is going to participate with the mission to represent the Clubs of Global Professionals Abroad as effective tool for building cooperation between countries.

Find out MORE.

Elections of 2019 | Register to Vote

Register to vote at the Presidential Elections due in May 2019! Detailed instructions to beat the activitiy records - HERE. Our time is now.

Laureates of Global Lithuanian Awards 2018 (Vol. 2)

Artūras Petronis | Academic Cooperation

As Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards 2018 in the category of implemented global innovations in Lithuania Arturas Petronis states, he is a genuine GLL Member by definition: working globally, loving Lithuania and leading the team of two parallel laboratories of Vilnius University and University of Toronto​. 

Based in Canada and working with life science data on the origin of diseases, he has been contemplating the concept of scientific cooperation for many years. In his opinion, parallel labs allow to participate in high-level international projects of  Western standards by keeping the valuable talent within Lithuania.

Read and watch more of his personal and professional achievements.

Povilas Gudžius | Building Business Connections

While building his career in technology sector at Bloomberg (Head of FinTech Sales, UAE), Laureate in the Category of Business Connectors Povilas Gudžius finds time and energy to lead Lithuanian Business Association in Dubai (LBAD) and even develop the SOTA machine learning models at Vilnius University research lab.

As a PhD student in Computer Science at VU Data Science and Digital Technologies Institute (VU DMSTI), Povilas is specialising in machine learning and computer vision methods for object recognition in multispectral satellite imagery. He selected Vilnius University over many global research institutions due to high caliber of data scientists and is an advocate of Lithuanian science - business collaboration.

More - in the video.


Meeting of Lithuanian Professionals of North America | March 9 | Washington DC

On March 9, 2019, upon joint initiative of the Embassy of Lithuania in the USA and active clubs of Lithuanian professionals abroad, global Lithuanian professionals of the North America will meet in Washington DC to discuss the concepts and possibilities of their more active engagement in the development of growing business relations between the two countries. Read MORE.

GLL Networking Back to Vilnius | March 27 | 7pm | Trinity

Precious traditions of smile-to-smile communication shall be cherished! GLL Networkings Back to Vilnius have become the place to meet, find out, get inspired as more and more Lithuanian professionals come back, more and more global professionals visit and connect Lithuania to the world culturally, economically, politically. This time again we will have some of them for you to meet and add to your professional network. Follow FB for more details.

2nd Baltic Economic Conference | June 10-11 | Riga

Global Baltic Economists, be invited to submit papers the 2nd Baltic Economic Conference that will take place on June 10-11, 2019 at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia. The Baltic Economic Conference is organized by the Baltic Economic Association, founded by leading economic researchers from the Baltic States to contribute to the development and application of economics as a science in the Baltic States, and to promote joint scholarly research and intellectual exchange between economists.

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