I've been working on a few international projects lately which means longer hours and less time to recuperate.

Usually, there's something weird that happens in such high-stress situations. I find easy excuses to skip my exercise sessions. And these aren't the "there's no free time in my agenda whatsoever" type of excuses. They are "I'm too busy to exercise right now" type of excuses.

Lame excuses, right?

And the lamest part of it all is that I know with absolute certainty that I'll feel happier and generally better if I continue my exercise routine. So whenever I make up more than a few silly excuses in a row, I know it's time to take a deeper look and get back on track.

God knows we've been put in quite a few high-stress situations over the past few months. So you probably already know what's the first thing to go from your daily routine when you're set in one. Make sure you focus in it. And make sure you know if you can really let it go – most of the time the answer is "no".

Be mindful,

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The Content Marketing Blueprint explained
I recently wrote about the template I use to explain a brand's content marketing plan. It's a 1-page document that takes less than half a day to create – and greatly improves the alignment of your content team. I spoke about the Blueprint in a recent podcast so you can get a lot more context around its creation and the way to fill it out. If you want a written overview, head over to my blog for the details and get the template.

Hand-selected pieces for you

How to Stop Overthinking Everything
"Sensitive strivers" are high-achievers who process the world more deeply than others. They think through decisions with much more intent than others. But there are ways to make decisions as a sensitive striver without the associated stress. This article contains a few ideas on how to do it. I especially loved the 10/10/10 rule which puts your decisions into perspective.

How Slack Uses Notifications to Manage the Attention of 12 Million Daily Active Users
Notifications are an amazing growth lever and a way to create a great user experience. But they need to be used thoughtfully or you risk that users will turn them off forever. This piece presents how notifications can be used the right way.

Sephora: The Omnichannel Strategy Which Redefined CX in Cosmetics
We can learn a lot from great brands and Sephora is a pioneer in true omnichannel e-commerce experiences. You'll read about the details of their mobile and online strategies and the way they integrated mobile experiences with the offline store reality.

How To Pitch to Journalists: Expert Tips From Techcrunch, NYT & More
Journalists get a ton of pitches every day. So for them to pay attention, you need to do things right. Here are some key pieces of advice from journalists themselves: personalize the message, be succinct, avoid buzzwords or sounding like an ad.

Borrow From These Welcome Message Examples to Create Instant Rapport with New Email Readers
Welcome emails help you make a great first impression – so you need to do more than just state that an account has been created or that a user is now subscribed. Here are some great examples that show how personality, a single focus, and clear USPs make for a great welcome.

Things I'm enjoying right now

  • This free Lions Live event: Creator's Toolkit — I'm really looking forward to this showcase of creative organized by Cannes Lions. It will help you sharpen your creativity skills. And is completely free and available to watch on-demand.
  • The final week of my giveaway with a presentation event ticket at the ready — I'm almost out of prizes, but not quite. This week I'm giving away a ticket to Present to Succeed, an amazing event for everyone who needs to present as part of their job, be it in front of a big audience or your own management team.
  • This growth conference (starting today) — another virtual event that's free to attend, but focused on growth marketing. Speakers include the marketing VP of Wistia, experts from Hubspot, Unbounce, UserTesting, and more. I caught this one late but if you're reading this on Wednesday you can still register and watch.

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