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1. A.M.A.

I am excited to announce a new feature called "Ask Me Anything" (A.M.A) in my monthly newsletters. I invite YOU to submit QUESTIONS to me on ANY SUBJECT OR TOPIC. You can send your questions via e-mail to or post your question as a video on YouTube and send me the link.

2. Quote of the Month

3. Stress Management Video

"Stress and Driving License Renewal"

If you are going to have a DMV license renewed or will help someone apply for a new drivers license in the near future, this tip can save much stress and frustration.

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4. Parenting Without Stress

Incorporate reflection as a tool for fostering growth. Reflection leads to self-evaluation, which is the core activity to improvement and change. Orrin Hudson, who empowers kids to mature, ( states the practice in a way that is easy to remember: "Take time to think things through."

5. Discipline Without Stress

A reader of my Facebook page posted the following:

"I am teaching at an urban middle (6-8) charter school in Indianapolis. It is the first year, and the school has expelled a number of kids. I am on a temporary assignment (3 weeks).

I had success in simply using the hierarchy when I was struggling with teaching middle school. So I taught the hierarchy (of social development). In order to bring the class to order, I used a whole class approach of stating the number of students not at levels C (external motivation) or D (internal motivation) and then stating the behaviors being displayed as being either A  (anarchy) or B (bullying) behaviors. This immediately stopped the need for calling out individual names and the inevitable confrontations.

See the Hierarchy of Social Development Poem."

6. Living Without Stress

Circumstances present problems or challenges—depending on our perspective. Up close, the earth looks flat; from outer space, it’s round. The difference is in the perspective. Similarly, without our being mindful of what is happening, we create our own perception that often leads to stress.

Manage your mind to reduce your stress, and you will live longer, and more fully enjoy life's journey.

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7. Discipline Online Learning

Discipline Online is the only eLearning course that shows how to handle every discipline/behavior problem. You can view any of the 54 modules at any time 24/7 as long as you like because there is no expiration date.

Originally developed to eliminate the "sink or swim" approach to teaching, the program is effective in any behavioral situation.

Modules include:

  • Classroom management to make instruction efficient,
  • Three universal practices to reduce stress and increase effectiveness,
  • The only totally noncoercive but never permissive discipline system, and
  • Using internal motivation to increase academic performance.

If you are a classroom teacher, you joined the only profession that does NOT teach the most essential skill for success, namely, walking into a classroom for the first time as a new teacher and having a SYSTEM to handle every behavior or discipline problem. Learn how at an incredibly low investment in this online course.

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8. What People Say

"I have been reflecting on the fact that I have been following you for nearly 15 years, have met you twice at conferences, and often share your work with teachers and colleagues. Now that SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) and restorative practices have become the focus at a national level, I think to myself, 'Marvin Marshall has been saying this for years'.

Thank you. You have had your finger on the pulse of dangers of stress, coercion, and competition way ahead of the rest of the educational community. The hierarchy is compelling and clear and relevant to the questions of student identity, choice, voice, and emotional well-being. 

I appreciate what you have been doing."

— Mary Beth Cunat, Principal
Wildwood IB World Magnet
Chicago, IL

(IB= International Baccalaureate)
(Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. See CASEL)

9. Charity for U.S. Schools

Any U.S. pre K-12 grade school can receive materials at no charge. Visit Discipline Without Stress.

10. Speaking and Presenting

If you are interested in hiring a speaker to reduce stress in living, parenting, or in education, visit

11. Investment for Schools

There are only 8 DVDs left for the school staff development DVD program. The investment for the remaining ones is available at the fire sale investment of $499 rather than $995.

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12. is where more information is available—including blogs; stress management video tips; and topics on living, parenting, and teaching. You will learn how to ALWAYS stay in authority WITHOUT using bribes to control, threats, imposed punishments or any other coercive or EXTERNAL motivational approach.

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