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Dear Partners,

Seeing coronavirus outbreak and everyday families challenges, we make effort to help combat risk of food shortages. Agus has initiated Critical Supply Aid Programme. We actively respond to create, design, produce and deliver food products, even out of our standard categories. We will do things much faster and more efficient than ever.

If you have demand or lack of some critical food supply, we are here to help. Our standard categories are milk powders (industrial and consumer) and cereals (oat flakes, barley flakes, wheat flakes, muesli, porridge, granola). We are in close contact with our suppliers both raw and packaging materials. We are able to design, approve and get delivered packaging materials, even for new SKUs, just in 3 weeks. We have quick packaging lines, up to 3,5 million sachets per month.

Please everyone, look after yourselves. We look forward to sharing more sunshine, travel, happiness and good times.

Consumer Milk Powders
Industrial Milk Powders