January Newsletter

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January Newsletter

Greetings readers!

Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. How's the weather where you are? Well, Chicago is snowy and cold. BRR! 

As I look out my window right now, there is about 4-5 inches and it's blowing.


This morning's commute to take the kidlet to school won't be fun. 

Anyway, on to the news for the muses!



So much for idle muse... :/

Contrary to what I posted in the last NL, Michael ended up working. First draft for the follow-up to Breakable Faith is finished. Release day is February 10th. I'll post a link down below. I'm working on the edits as we speak.

I'm also doing Love Kills for the Criminal Delights series set to come out in April. No release day yet. I'll make sure to keep you posted. 


For BL, I'm still working on the sequel to Push, but I put it to the side. I won't be starting the follow-up for Nerds until Love Kills is done. Still working on the sequel to Loved Me with Remmy, called Redux. No release date yet. 

The freebie short for Smoke is done. I'll post it below. And as you can see from the banner up top, there's a new cover for Smoke. I'll preview it in its own box.

I've yet to start on Purple Haze for Veronica, but I will once Love Kills is finished. Also, planning on retiring Rawiya, so the last book under this muse, Save Me will be written and out this summer.  

As per usual, lots to come, so stay tuned!


Where There's Smoke Re-Release!

Where There's Smoke has a new cover and blurb. Official release day is January 29th! But since I got it done earlier than expected, I announced it on social media and put it on sale for $2.99. 

The book is on Amazon, B&N, KoBo, iTunes, and Google Play!

New Blurb

Santiago escapes to a small town where he falls for Jonas, but Santiago’s desire for Myles causes disruption in their happy home.

Santiago Mendoza

Although a horrific incident nearly destroyed me, I’ve found everything I needed...

Or… almost everything. Better days are ahead for me and Jonas. Despite pure bliss, something is still missing. 

Jonas Sandbauck

Being an openly gay firefighter is tough, but with Santiago at my side, all the struggles are worthwhile. The American dream of the white picket fence awaits us. First, I must clear the path to our future, by digging through the wreckage of his past.

Myles Greyson

Heartbreak is my calling card. Nevertheless, I’m determined to marry my other true love. Chaos stole him away from me, but no matter who or what stands in my way, I will get him back. 

Santiago longs for a long-term commitment, filled with children. While Jonas and Myles battle for Santiago’s love, will his ultimate fantasy end up damaging any chance he has at true happiness?

This angsty, 100,000-word novel includes fist fighting, flashbacks and mentions of rape, on page violence, and death. Despite it all, there’s an HEA with the cutest baby on the planet. 

Note: This book has been previously published. Only newly edited with no additional material added.

Also, here is the link to the Christmas freebie for those of you who missed it. Freebie

If you decide to read, please leave reviews! They are always appreciated!



Renewed Faith up for pre-order!

Mateo and Father Lance's story continues...

Release Day 2/10/19

While Mateo quarrels with his inner demons, Lance battles his conscience. 

Mateo’s has found his fated mate and to make their family complete, he longs for a baby. Despite the bliss, dark memories have come back to haunt him. These horrific reminders could hamper their attempt at creating a new life. 

Although Father Lance remains loyal to the church, protecting his partner reigns above all. Due to Mateo’s emotional breakdown, he’s forced to take a leave of absence. This sudden change from the priesthood to alpha father has weighed heavily on Lance’s mind, making him wonder if he should continue his role at Holy Father. 

Will Mateo overcome his nightmares and be able to carry their child? Can Lance find the zeal he once had to continue his life’s work?

Together, they must search for the answers to restore their faith in their commitment and each other. 

Renewed Faith is book 10 in the second season of the multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. It is the continuation of Mateo and Lance’s book, Breakable Faith. 

This story is an omegaverse with the possibility of male pregnancy. Hot sex, romance, knotting, are included along with sweetness. Might need your rosary and holy water for this one!

Warning: Flashbacks detailing a violent attack and potential rape.

Vale Valley is BACK!

Vale Valley is back for Valentine's Day and we'll be back for summer as well. 

The first two books from Connor Crowe and Lorelei Hart are already out. 

Here is a listing of all books for you to purchase!

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 1

That Magical Moment by Connor Crowe

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 2

Their Koala Omega by Lorelei M. Hart

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 3

Waiting in the Wings by Coyote Starr 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 4

Picture Purrfect by Jena Wade 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 5

Love Takes Flight by Leyla Hunt 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 6

Omega's Surrender by Aria Grace & Lorelei M. Hart 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 7

Cupid Must Be Crazy by Xander Collins 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 8

A Hatchling for Valentine's by M.M. Wilde 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 9

Omega, je t'aime by Summer Chase

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 10

Renewed Faith by Michael Mandrake 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 11

The Back-Up Date by Summer Chase and Trisha Linde

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 12

Bewitching Love by Giovanna Reaves

Have you joined my fangroup?

My fangroup has grown since we last chatted. Now up to 115 members, but I'd love more. 

I'll be talking about all my releases, post exclusive excerpts, doing giveaways, monthly chats, and having great conversation. It started Monday and I already have a nice little number of members. I'd always welcome more.

This is for all my muses, so that means, Michael, BL, Veronica MF, Brooklyn FF, and Rawiya as well as Michael's vampire alter ego, RM Durand.

If you do Facebook, please come join us!

Triad Titillation

Also, I have a companion Advance Readers Copy Group ARC Group

And don't forget the Special Delivery ARc group I'm part of with Giovanna Reaves, Morticia Knight, and LM Brown,

What I've been reading!

I didn't make my goal for reading for 2018! *sobs* But I'm determined to make it for 2019! I'm already ahead of schedule which is awesome. 

Some of my faves 

The Drummer's Heartbeat Giovanna Reaves

A Swan for Christmas M.M. Wilde

A Holiday Magic Mixup Quinn Michaels

Sinfully Mine Nicky James

The Accidental Everything Amy Bellows

The Freshman Louise Collins

Max Bey Deckard


January Contest!

This month, let's do a first to answer, giveaway. 

What kind of shifter is Ambrose, from the book Taken and Crowned?

A. Hawk

B. Crocodile

C. Alligator

D. Octopus

Hint: It's not a bird! *grins*

The person who emails me first at srlmort71@gmail.com wins a copy of a book from my backlist!

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By supporting me through Ko-Fi, you'll contribute  towards editing and cover costs which can get a bit expensive.

You can support by donating only $3 to my cause. If you can't do so now, it's fine. Please tweet or share the link if you can!

Click on the link here

The Accidental Everything

Debut by author Amy Bellows!

Read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription or buy at $2.99.

Some omegas go to clubs to pick up alphas. Isaac Evans cruises his poetry readings. It’s not the most professional choice, but what’s a horny omega to do?

He doesn’t mean to have sex with Rhett Donovan of the Donovan Poetry Fellowship—the prestigious grant he dreamed of receiving before he slept with the alpha who awards it. And when Rhett gives him a unique career opportunity, Isaac doesn’t mean to fall in love. If anyone found out about his relationship with Rhett, it could mean a career-ending scandal for them both. 

He doesn’t mean to get pregnant either. His life is full of accidents.

After Isaac’s made every possible mistake, he has nothing but his poetry to keep him afloat. But in the game of love, poetry might be enough.

The Accidental Everything is a 24,000-word, nonshifter Omegaverse story featuring Mpreg, knotting, and adorable dads. It is an M/M romance intended for an 18+ audience.


Buy for $2.99

Bewitching Love

Read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription or buy at $2.99. 

Up for pre-order! Release day Feb 16th

Love is in the air, and Vale Valley’s magic is bringing lonely hearts together.

Sirius Henson

Sirius is a skilled doctor and a witch who has always been a loner. Being a witch in the human world has been hard on him since he cannot use his magic for fear of revealing himself. After years of hearing about Vale Valley, Sirius packs up everything he has in hopes of having a new start and being his true self. 

Can Sirius handle the changes coming with his new life and love, especially when the bewitching takes effect?

Alphonso Vale

After the death of his grandfather Trenton Vale twenty years, Alphonso and his parents left Vale Valley. He’d kept in contact with his family, but he couldn’t ignore the yearning and decided to return home for a short visit. Being a single father his only goal was to let his daughter experience the wonder of the town he still holds close to his heart. 

What happens when that goal changes and he meets the cute doctor that has him thinking of moving back to Vale Valley permanently?

Bewitching Love is the twelfth book in the second season to the Vale Valley series. It is a heartwarming story of two men falling in love and building their new lives together.

Buy $2.99

A Hatchling for Valentine's

Read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription or buy at $2.99.

Up for pre-order! Release day is Feb 8th!

What surprises await Vic and Kellan when their egg finally hatches?

Kellan’s new life in the magical town of Vale Valley is filled with more love and joy than he’d ever dared dream of. Even more thrilling is the new life growing in the egg he and his Alpha wolf mate watch over night and day. When their hatchling still fails to appear after several weeks, Kellan fights his growing fears about the uncertainty of a swan mating with a wolf.

All Vic wants is to keep his beautiful swan omega and their egg safe. He’d despaired of ever finding the one who was meant for him, and he’ll do everything within his power to protect his true love and their baby. Vic might still be bewildered by nesting and swan cuisine, but whatever his omega wants, Vic makes sure he gets.

As Valentine’s Day draws near, Vic’s plan to do something special for their first celebration of the holiday doesn’t seem possible. The egg isn’t showing any signs of hatching and no one—not even the avian fertility specialist—knows why. Then, the last person they want to see makes an unexpected appearance. 

Vic is about to discover how tough his sweet little swan truly is…

Note: A Hatchling for Valentine’s is the 8th book in Season Two of the multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small magical town open to everyone in need of love and a home. Each installment in the series can be read as a standalone, however, Kellan and Vic’s story is a continuation from Season One’s A Swan for Christmas. This mpreg romance novella features a swan and wolf who are fated mates and are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first tiny hatchling. So grab a box of chocolates, a glass of champagne and put your feet up and enjoy a sweet dose of smexy mpreg.

Buy for $2.99


Interracial MF Romance

Read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription or buy at $2.99.

Up for pre-order! Release day March 12th

A missing priceless piece of art and an impromptu trip to Russia– what could possibly go wrong?
Amelia Hemmingway’s estranged father goes missing for ten years and in one day, he manages to upturn her perfect life. Soon, she’s hurtling to the cold white north of God’s Nowhere, North Bay. Even though all she wants to do is hide, Amelia knows if she wants her life back, she will have to fight. To make matters worse, the man who is supposed to protect her is a grumpy as all hell, wolf owning, ex Canadian Special forces soldier.

Could things get any worse?

Ex-JTF2 soldier Liam “Wraith” Snyder never thought he would ever step foot back on Russian soil much less be dodging bullets and playing chicken with armed crooks. He is way too old for that mess. But when Amelia shows up on his doorsteps, a promise Tex made to her father will come back to haunt Liam.

As the bullets fly, and they venture deeper and deeper into the frozen tundra, it will take all his connections to get them out alive—and keep his heart.

Buy $2.99
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