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Today I will talk with you about why should you start freelancing. Or at least give it a try.

Why do I think so?

- There's zero initial cost

- To be able to freelance you will have to learn a high-income skill, which is always good

- The freelancing will be in the future much more prevalent

So today, let me give you some nice initial sources.

But if you aren't into freelancing much I believe you will find a lot of value here despite it. I designed it that way...



Why to Start Freelancing at The First Place

When I was thinking about this question I came up with 7 reasons presented below.

1. The future is bright

For companies, it's enormously convenient to hire a person for the job and don't have to employ him full-time. 

The future of work is in the cloud-based gig-economy (imo). 

And as a freelancer, you will be well-positioned for both the future and now.

2. Network as a side product

Freelancers work in teams.

The famous "Hollywood model" refers to the fact that Hollywood consists of many independent professionals who know and work with each other.

As a freelancer, you work in a similar way. Make sure you team up with the right people and you win.

3. You pay for flexibility and independence in growth

The freelance life forces you to:Learn, Improve, Grow. 

Otherwise, the market won't care about you after some time.

If you hate stereotypes the chances are you will love freelancing.

Are you interested in other four reasons? 


The Freelance Way

If you're thinking about starting freelancing this book is a no-brainer. It so value-packed that I can't recommend it to you more.

The author it's also the founder of the freelancing.eu portal and has been freelancing himself for more than 20 years.

That's what makes this book special. 

It's completely fluff-free and the recommendations there are really an actionable ones.

Check it at Goodreads.

Check it at Amazon.


Freelance Start

I've put some good advice that helped me the most when I was strating out. Into this book.

The book is completely free and people so far seems to really enjoy it.

Get the book HERE

And later let me know how you liked it!

Hope you like today's issue and let me know what about you and freelancing!  

To your success,

Freedom Designer

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