Today: apologies, lessons on sleep and a survey reminder.

Hello !

Thank you for filling out the anniversary survey (see point C). I'm still collecting & crushing the data - check it out.

A.B.C. Toolbox v.2 TBD soon. :)

Today: apologies, lessons on sleep and a survey reminder.


What happened last week and why you haven't received your Toolbox?

I wanted to share with you a great app and this put me on a blacklist. 

I planned the campaign, scheduled it and... got banned by MailerLite for sharing spammy content... twice in a row. 

Lesson learned? Be careful what you are sharing and make sure your campaign was delivered correctly.

Sorry about that - I hope my experiments will lead to an improved version of this newsletter (see point C).


Imagine that you are a professional boxer. You have trained for the big night for a year to withstand 10 full rounds of heavy punching. But the night before the fight you sleep only 6 hours.

You have just reduced your capabilities by 30%!! Just one night of a 6-hour-sleep can reduce your stamina and skills  and turn your match from a10 round victory to a 7 round defeat.

Amazing Matthew Walker (UC Prof at Berkeley) wrote a lot of solid hints in "Why we sleep". (below)

If you are too busy to read - listen to Matt on "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast.

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Last week we had an A.B.C. Toolbox anniversary. I asked you to fill in the short 3-5 minute survey. If you are not one of the 122 people who did, please do it now (only 6 questions). Thank you!

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