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Be careful what you wish for. That’s what you have to keep in mind when talking to Photoshop Wizard James Fridman. Open full post

We see faces and familiar shapes everywhere we look. In clouds. In the bark of trees (or Ents as they prefer to be called). In the brick wall in the office kitchen. And just glancing at a car, we can tell that some of them are happy (or less than enthusiastic) to see us. Open full post

Welcome to jerk land, the nasty part of humanity where people are everything but nice. Here, the tension is so high it makes your blood boil. It's all because the devil found a cheap flight deal and is now off on holiday. Any nasty scenario your mind can make up has been here and done—from washing a dog’s bum on a drinking fountain to stealing from your date. Clenching your teeth already? Open full post

In the 20th century, Hungarian psychiatrist Léopold Szondi developed a test that was intended to reveal a person's unconscious thoughts, desires, and impulses. The psychiatrist believed that people are attracted to those who are similar to them. Thus, he created a projective personality test which was called the Szondi test. Open full post

No matter the preference, in baking, like in real cake, there are layers of hierarchy: only a select few become the creme de la creme, the icing on the cake. Ben Cullen, 28, is one of them. Open full post

Here are some of the weird secondhand finds that people uncover in thrift stores. Not to mention in shops with mysterious owners who offer you items that will make your dreams come true for free (all you need to do is sign a simple contract). Open full post

The biggest cheetahs leaped into the water, and the travelers immediately lost their breath. Soon, the other two followed. As everyone waited in anticipation, guessing whether the swimmers will make it to the other side, photographers Arnfinn Johansen and Buddhilini De Soyza seized the opportunity and took out their cameras. Open full post

His Royal Majesty. Mittens the King. The King Of Wellington. Wellington Morale Officer. That's just a few of the names that Mittens—the local superstar of New Zealand's capital—is being called. Open full post

Not only does Jenny create compelling characters and interesting narratives, but her works also highlight serious issues that both domesticated and wild animals face in today's world. Open full post

"I'm thrilled other people also appreciate Mowgli and the spectacle that is the byproduct of his shedding." Open full post

It’s a known fact that kids are creepy—from drawing weird stuff inspired by some undetected evil force to introducing their invisible best friend that’s in front of you right now. We can come up with many explanations, but there’s surely a limit to what can be made rational. These parents on Twitter have been sharing the scariest things their kids have told them, and we won’t judge if there’s a house or two being put up for sale at this very moment. Grab your blanket, it’s about to get chilly. Open full post

Recently I got married and shared with my new husband the best trip of our life! We both love to travel and we both had a huge dream - going to Japan! Open full post

Americans feel reluctant to seek emergency treatment even when abroad. This is what happened to one woman who had an emergency accident while in Tokyo. “She was in tears, screaming that she couldn’t afford it.” Open full post

There’s something about school memories that makes them so vivid and long-lasting, it feels like they happened yesterday. But the most peculiar thing about these experiences is that they’re both too specific and too weird to digest. That’s why, when this Twitter user shared a collection of flashbacks from elementary school, people came to the conclusion that we all lived in the same childhood. Open full post

One person donated 45 dollars to the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County in exchange for three drawings of their pets and then shared the bad but wholesome results. And you know what? We love ‘em. Open full post

When one Reddit user asked parents with nanny cams what they have caught their babysitters doing, the thread started flooding with teeth-clenching stories. 41K upvotes later, it became obvious that there’s never too much you can do to make sure your baby is in the right hands. Open full post

I am an artist from Lithuania, and together with my friend, we invited twelve men of diverse ages, social classes, and sexual orientations to be photographed nude with beautiful floral arrangements to celebrate International Women’s Day. Open full post

One Twitter user who spent 9 years managing a pizza place shared their opinion about how restaurant workers in the United States, as well as other service industry professionals, might add to the corona-crisis. Open full post

Every person who's ever camped outside with tents has likely run into an issue of tent ropes that seem to be attracted to any passer-by's legs like a magnet. This rope, however, is the perfect solution Open full post

Some people rely on endless lists of memes, funny videos and interesting articles to have a good time, other people manage to entertain themselves by creating funny content. Open full post

Raku Inoue's ongoing art series "Natura Insects" features a menagerie of lifelike butterflies, beetles, spiders, and even owls that have been crafted from bright and detailed flower arrangements. Open full post

Despite strict formalities and a serious focus on education, school can actually be fun, whether it is due to amazing teachers with their great personalities or the students seeking out adventure in the school halls... or the underground. Open full post

Go big or go home? How about go small and conquer the Internet while securing a career in the craft you love? Open full post

Many artists have begun shifting towards art that draws everyone's attention to the ever-rising issue of climate change. This 23-year-old Venezuelan joined the ranks with his incredible mural that incorporated over 200,000 recycled bottle caps. Open full post

Turns out, the search for alternative building materials brought us aircrete and it's the perfect option forDIYers. Open full post

Shiro became famous on social media for his ability to fall asleep no matter when or where—photos of him balancing flowers, fruits, and even frogs on his head while relaxing put a smile on the faces of millions of people. Open full post

Every time Anlyin stays at her boyfriend’s place, the stream of furry updates starts coming in. From a rare rectangular cat sighting to the morning lump posture, there's nothing that gets away from the purrnews feed. Open full post

I'm Chesca Hause, and I do comics inspired by my life as a mom of 2 boys, but in a world of animals, because they're more fun to draw! This is my 4th installment on Bored Panda. Open full post

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