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Before we get going, familiarize yourself with the following services, crucial for creating and documenting the new work-flows I will be showing you in my video tutorials. Once you've set up your accounts, you are ready to follow your first tutorial!

Google Sheets

Every database starts with a spreadsheet. Every app is just a tab on a spreadsheet so create a clean Google Account for your project work.

Google Drive

I'm a big fan of hosting your own file storage but automations require convenience and syncronicity. To start with, download and familiarize with Google's Cloud Storage solution.

Mail Parser

Learning about 'parsing' emails and webhooks is easier than it sounds. Press the button below to watch an example of how email parsing works.


Offering free work-flows, landing pages and beautiful email campaigns, you can respond to subscribers automatically and stand out from users of Mailchimp.

Email Parsing
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