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I gotta say whoever is charge of PR for Nevada is doing a really lousy job. Before this trip, my opinion of the state was: flat and boring. It was the state you rushed through (because for a long time there was no speed limit) so you could get to the good states.

Well…was I wrong!!!

We left Provo, Utah with a bit of regret. We all wished we’d stayed at least one or two more days there, but we had reservations in Ely, Nevada, and I’d booked a tour of the Lehman Caves in Great Basin National Park for the next morning, so onward we headed: west to Nevada.

Yes, flat and boring Nevada. LOL. Not!

I mean who can resist the idea of passing through Skull Rock Pass?

Unfortunately, while the drive through the pass was pretty, I missed the skull. Can you see it?

Regardless, the views on this drive were consistently extraordinary with range after range of mountains, sweeping vistas, and snow-capped peaks—completely disproving my belief that Nevada was flat.😉

This route took us around the base of Great Basin National Park. Our tickets for the cave tour were for 9AM so we set up camp in the Ely KOA and did an about-face the next morning for one of the most spectacular explorations of the trip!

The Lehman Cave tour is the only way visitors have access to this remarkable spot, so, if you’re going, book ahead. The tours fill up fast. If you’re worried about claustrophobia or whether or not you’re fit enough to do this, don’t be. Paul’s knees managed just fine and I’m no fan of tight spaces, but the entire tour is very accessible and safe.

Here’s an example of the walkway—well-lit, although you did have to duck some of the time. 

Below are random shots that blew my mind because according to our very knowledgeable guide, this cave structure began developing around 515 million years ago. The actual cave passages began to form two to ten million years ago, and when the seas that shaped them receded, the stalactites and stalagmites began to form from snowmelt and rain that percolated through the rock into the cave, drip by drip.

This cave system has some very special features, including: rare speleotherms like the breathtaking Parachute Shield in the Grand Palace.

People began exploring the caves in 1885, when a local rancher stumbled across the opening—and, of course, monetized it. At the time, people had to climb down a steep ladder—candle in hand—to explore freely. Heck, they even had weddings and Boy Scout campouts here. Below, is a photo of one ceiling from the “Autograph Room.” Soot from the candles was used instead of spray paint, but to the same effect. When the National Park Service tried to clean up the area, they found layers of the rock had grown over it, making erasing the past impossible.😉 

Also, early visitors thought nothing of breaking off a stalactite for a souvenir. They either didn’t know or didn’t care that by touching the walls or ceiling or the delicate structures, they “killed” the process of a living cave.

My photos can’t possibly do justice to this remarkable geologic wonder, but I am super proud of this shot.

Next newsletter, I’ll show you the “above ground” beauty of Great Basin. Oh, what a view!

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