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ABS #Stayhome Bulletin - 2

Dear followers,

We have planned a new e-bulletin series that will make you hopefully a bit curious during these days. In this new series, in addition to our monthly reference bulletins, we would like to present you many interesting application details and technical information of ABS Disposable Formworks.

We hope it works, enjoy!

ABS Plus H60, filling application with disposable formworks between foundation footings - Kurkcuoglu Factory Construction - Tuzla, İstanbul

Interior backfilling requires both patience and care, but in the construction site environment it is usually performed without much caution. The backfill material, which should normally be laid and well compacted every 20 cm, is either not compacted at all or not well compacted. Consequently, those responsible for the construction site who do not want to take any risks will both make a thicker reinforced concrete slab on top of the backfill and create intermediate shear walls that will carry the load of the slab.

Although there are many reasons for cracking in reinforced concrete surfaces, reinforced concrete floors can structurally crack, especially under heavy loads, due to the natural settling of the filling material (sand + gravel mix, rubble, etc.) in time.

Types of Cracks in Fresh and Hardened Concrete, their Causes and Control

Applications made using ABS Plus Disposable Formworks, on the other hand, are used for backfills, but technically they are not a fill but a structural 'reinforced concrete raised floor'.

Concrete is filled into the disposable formworks which are placed on the existing floor so that they form a continuous structure of domes, connected to each other by arches resting on two columns per m2. Since the structure is continuous, there is no need for additional elements such as shear walls.

In our previous bulletin we tried to explain how and why this reinforced concrete structure has a very high load carrying capacity. To remember again, you can read it at this link: ABS #Stayhome Bulletin: How does this structure carry so much load with so little concrete?

ABS #Stayhome Bulletin: How does this structure carry so much load with so little concrete?

Yes! The legs are filled with concrete too 😊

The advantages of reinforced concrete raised floors made with ABS Plus Disposable Formworks over traditional backfills are not only high load bearing capacities and elimination of structural crack risks;

  • Concrete saving: thanks to the column-arch-dome form that disposable formworks give to concrete, the normal slab thickness can be reduced at least by half..
  • Logistics and handling: the disposable formworks are brought to the site in each other; in a 1 meter filling application, compared to a traditional filling material volume of 50 trucks, 1 truck of plastic disposable formwork volume is enough.
  • Installation passages: the volume constructed by the disposable formworks is 95% hollow, so this volume can be used as mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation passages or as gray-water tank.
  • Timing: disposable formworks can be used at any time during construction as long as a concrete pump hose can be brought to the application area. Whereas many backfills should be made early in the schedule before the construction of upper floors.
Reference Project: A residential housing project in Sancaktepe

We were asked to construct a carpark ramp with various slopes at the entrance of the parking lot of a residential housing project. We were involved in the final stages of the project, and other filling areas were already covered with stabilized soil. The application was completed in May 2014. After 18 months, we received a control request for some cracks on the surface. We examined the area and found out that the cracks were due to the settling that occured in the filling area made with stabilized soil, and the reinforced concrete raised floor made with disposable formworks was fully intact. Unfortunately, these cracks had to be repaired by the contractor quite laboriously and costly.

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