Dear Friends,

I love Freedom and so does my friend in Australia.  Here is what she writes today.

My agreement
I accept, an agreement to inhabit a harmonised world, for as long, or as
short, as I choose to incarnate here and, to turn away from all previous
agreements, whether made willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or
unknowingly, so that I may begin experiencing this great new adventure
of ‘life’, on earth.
I came to an agreement, and, the agreement was to know the sovereign
and divine being in myself and others, and, as such, to celebrate the
diversity of the reflections of my brothers and sisters. To support life
within and without, for as short, or as long, as I choose to incarnate here.
I harmonise with god as one,
I harmonise with nature on this planet as my home,
I harmonise with humanity as my family of brothers and sisters,
I harmonise with the inward systems of my human form and,
I harmonise with the eternal knowing of the divine intervention of the
god within, animating, experiencing and offering each moment to all life.
I, in this great time of change, unify, yet remain unique and diversified,
and in this harmonised state, bring greater expression and, diversity to all.
I welcome my brothers and sisters from afar, other races of beings with
thoughts different to my own, to now visit, and, share in their knowledge
and wisdom, just as I choose to do with them.
I am ready to start something new, built on the love of god, the freedom
of expression and the joy of eternal life.
This agreement marks the end of an era and the beginning of another.
I know it is an era of peace.
This is my agreement, recorded on January 9, 2021

Christopher Cody | 2701 N 7th St, Phoenix
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