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End of year Service Desk project

Looking for a great end-of year project for your service desk?  This time of year is great to update systems, evaluate software, and catch up on research projects.

Check out the December 2019 build of HelpMaster.  Upgrade if you're already a user, or evaluate over the end-of-year break if you're in the market for a new service-desk tool.

Here's a few items for your service-desk checklist.

  • Configure a new service-desk web portal for your clients and staff
  • Build an awesome HR process for employee on/off boarding using the workflow process designer
  • Monitor and automatically convert email into service-desk tickets
  • Analyze service-desk tickets for knowledge-base content for the web
  • Build Change Management templates
  • Spice-up your out-going Email Templates with service-desk themed content
  • Build a PowerBI dashboard for agent metrics

What's new in HelpMaster 2019
Recent posts about HelpMaster

Need some configuration inspiration, or service-desk ideas?  Check out these recent on-line resources from the HelpMaster website.

A generic support loop workflow

A simple process for basic client support that uses the workflow engine within HelpMaster.

Helpdesk Tennis

Tech support can be like a game of tennis.  Either it's in your court, or it's in theirs.  Learn about job status codes and how they can help.

ITIL 4 Service Value system

Learn how to build an employee on-boarding workflow, using the principles of ITIL 4.

Removing Skillgroups

Skillgroups allow queue management for teams of agents and simplifies job assignment.

From the discussion board

A selection of recent posts from the HelpMaster discussion board.

Adjust date range for Helpdesk Explorer

Adjust the date range for displaying closed jobs in Explorer

Workflow Approvals and Attachments

Workflow approvals are handy for a range of business processes.  Learn how to incorporate attachments as part of the process.

View all jobs, all skillgroups

Application security roles provide a granular security model for staff and clients of the service desk.

Web Forms

How to integrate controls sets into job templates to create a flexible job logging system for the web

Practical Ways to Improve the Quality of your Service Desk Outgoing Email

Are your service desk emails a bit flat?  Here's 14 practical ways to improve your email communication.  Contains downloadable content that you can use immediately.

Service Desk Statistics
PowerBI Dashboards for ITSM

Stay on top of your service-desk metrics with the HelpMaster PowerBI dashboards.

View statistics for

  • Incidents
  • Problems
  • Knowledge Management + KCS
  • Ticket trends over time for new, closed and open

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If you need assistance upgrading, or have questions please contact our team.

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