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Dear our friends and supporters,

Last month, more rescues had been conducted with the first time of rescuing a Dhole and Golden Jackal. While some pangolins are already home, the otters are excited for their next release at the end of May. Although Covid19 has suspended some of our activities, all the team seem to have innovated their ways to keep working safely and promoting others during the pandemic.

And now, let's see how our efforts have paid off.

3 pangolins had come back home, 5 others and some otters are ready for their next journeys to be home

After a long time of social distancing restriction due to COVID 19, everything seems to be more easing than before and it was such a great time for three healthy pangolins to be home again. All our keepers are back to work as normal to ensure 5 other pangolins and the otters are ready for the next release. Up to now, all the animals have been showing the positive signs of self-survival in the wild. Let's pray for their next release.

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Otters are ready for their next release
More rescues comparing to the last two months and the first time rescuing a Dhole and a Golden Jackal

Our rapid response team seems to be busier at the end of April as three sudden rescues had been done within 5 days in the Cuc Phuong rescue center. A little Sunda pangolin around 3 months old was transferred by Binh Dinh forest rangers on the 23rd of April. Two days later, the team hurried up to rescue a Dhole and a Golden Jackal from a province nearby. Both animals were found in really miserable conditions and bad diarrhea and seemed to lose all their natural protective instincts. And then on the 28th of April, two Chinese ferret badgers and one crab-eating mongo had been delivered to the rescue center at night while the badgers were seriously injured by traps.

Sharing burden with Vet team

Taking care of baby pangolins, four seriously injured animals, and monitoring more than 80 animals at both our rescue centers while still joining the rescue were tough tasks to our veterinary team. Luckily, we found “three little vet girls” who are not reluctant to dedicate themselves and be always willing to save animals. With limited human resources and medical facilities, the team can not make big differences for every single animal we rescued. However, for many animals, especially two serious injured badgers aforementioned, the team has healed them. After amputation surgeries, both the badgers are recovering well so far.

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Very first SVW’s online course about wildlife conservation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our school programs have been delayed. However, adversity brings wisdom, the pandemic can not stop the team’s ambition to inspire the love for wildlife and nature to the future generations. Instead of organizing class-based lessons or experiencing tours at our center, a wildlife conservation real-time course has been launched to propagate the message “Stop wildlife consumption and stop support for products originated from wildlife”. The very first course was delivered to 35 students of Nguyen Khuyen High School. After the course, students were so excited and engaged in the course. “The first lesson is so interesting, I have a chance to know more about SVW and the Cuc Phuong national park, I can not wait for the next lesson. Thank you all for organizing the lesson for us”, a student, Cong Minh said. The wildlife conservation club from these students will keep creating actions to reach out to the message and supportive action for wildlife protection in the future.

Species conservation

Online illegal wildlife trade investigation updates

SVW continues to monitor online illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam and its impacts on the program’s focal species. There were at least 24 different small carnivore species observed on the internet from January to April. Most of the posts are for selling, buying live animals or animal products, some are for displaying wildlife traps and collection, or pets. At least five posts of 10 live Owston’s Civet trade have been encountered. SVW has been following the cases, and also reported to ENV for further investigation.

Marking pangolin project updates

Analyzing data of the project to mark pangolins after release in the captivity at Cuc Phuong National Park, the initial result shows that the attached devices can be easily detected by image traps and do not affect the activities of individuals.

Site protection
No matter how challenges are, we still here to save the forest and fight for our love with nature and the animals

A rainy night sleeping on hammocks in the forest

In last month, there was a positive site of lessening guns and traps collected with other months with two guns, 15 traps confiscated. The anti-poaching team had detected 20 people illegally logging into the forest and four people poachers going along with dogs. However, one illegal logger had escaped. The team also warned 14 people and handled one poacher in the Pu Mat’s border area. Besides, six illegal camps had been detected and destroyed immediately.  "No matter how challenges are, we still here to save the forest and fight for our love with nature and the animals", Trung - one of our anti-poaching members shared.

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Let’s have a look in the details of their patrol in the table below:

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all supporters and donors via our website and other channels. Thank you all for sharing the financial burden with us, especially for our veterinarians and our animals during a hard time due to Covid-19 and in The World Vet day 25th Apr 2020 campaign. Honestly, no words can describe our gratitude feelings after receiving your warm and inspiring words along with every donation. The words motivate us to do more and do better cause we will never be alone on the journey to protect wildlife and nature! 

Here are the list of our organization and individual donors.

Organization Donors
7 Bridges Brewing Company National Zoo Australia
Action for Wildlife Organization Newquay Zoo
Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. Not just bamboo
Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust Nurtured by Nature
Australian Volunteers OAK Foundation
Bosua by BOO Ocean Park Conservation Fund
Catkin Media Olsen Animal Trust
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
Xuân Mai Group Skyland Productions GmbH
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund Synchronicity Earth
Croeni Foundation Taiwan Forestry Bureau
Denver Zoo Taronga Conservation Society Australia
Denver Zoo Explorer Post The Biodiversity Foundation
EAZA's Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group The Zoological Society of London
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands THU MINH and OTTO
Flying Pangolin Film TRỐNG ĐỒNG
Fortuna Hotel US Fish and Wildlife Service
Foundation SEGRÉ USAID Saving Species
Fresh house Vingroup
Friends of Tallinn Zoo Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V
Future For Nature Adward Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
Global conservation force Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release
Global Wildlife Conservation Wild Planet Trust
Greater Goods WildAid
Highlands Coffee Wildlife Asia
Houston Zoo Wildlife Conservation Network
Humane Society International Wildlife Reserves Singapore
International Otter Survival Fund Wroclaw Zoo
Leibniz Institute For Zoo and Wildlife Research Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative
Minara Nature Foundation Life Science Diversity Foundation
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund TH True Milk
Nashville Zoo The Mohamed bin Zayed
National Geographic Society
Individual donors via website
A Amiri Gilbert Martin Maudie Peacock
Aida Mynzhasova Gillian Eichenberger Mcdermott Bruce
Alexa Taylor Graeme Wilkie Megan Lauman
Alistair Leonard Grant Stewart Melodie Williams
Andrew Allpass Greville Jones Michael Erb
Andrew Mcleod Guido Borst Michael Loveridge
Andy Seaford Guilhem Brunet Michele Deakin
Angela Mcmaster Gwyneth Owen Nicholas Idle
Anita Clemens Hannah Bancroft Nick Jones
Anna Clark Harriet Jarman Nicole Lucille Perez
Annabel Smith Hazel M Watts Olga Katzendorn
Anne Marie Lebas Heather Teague Olivier Morlin
Anne Sanderson Helen Commandeur Owen Thomas
Annemarie Van Wirdum Helen Horsley Patricia Quintanilla
Annie Beal Ho Yan Chung Paul Clark
Anthony Calvelage Huan Ngo Peach Group
Antonia Danes Hugo Marsh Peter Grant
Arjen Veldt Inna Schaag Peter Kettle
Avian Fashions Israel Isabel Hunter Peter Michael
Barbara Roberts Isobel Astle Peter Saam
Bibi Ho Jack Tatham Peter Thomas
Blade2277 Jane Madsen Philippa Clark
Brigid Weir Janet Anderson Phoebe Weseley
Bronwen Burgess Jason Blasso Polly Tripp
Carl Spurling Jason Dare Prassede Calabi
Carol Cushing Jeff Kennedy Qi Chen
Cathy Granholm Jennifer Peers Rachel Probert
Cathy Y Kang Jessica Johnson Rebecca Ayris
Chris Goodman Jillian Rutherford Rebecca Bee
Christine Jones Jo Pattinson Rebecca Jordan
Christine Jones Johanna Jay Davis Rebecca Lannon
Claire Coveney John Creedon Regina Martens
Cloe Davies Joseph John Richard Roberts
Connor Mcbriarty Joseph Odom Richard Rostant
Coral Keegan Josephine Timewell Richard Turley
Dana Catterina Joshua Curnow Richard Young
Daniel Kuebler Judith Jackson Rob Brooks
Danielle Davis Julia Morrison Robin Worsman
Daria Kosenko Julia Nunes-Carvalho Roger Stevens
David Lingard Julia Vidal Roland Page
David Posner Karen Mann Rosemary Barnes
David Scharf Karen Nguyen Ross N Bowen
Davin Wakeford Kate Batty-Smith Rosy Schofield
Deborah Kramer Katherine Cadury Sabrina Espinosa
Deborah Thomas Kathleen Chopin Sara Horsley
Diane Kadomoto Katie Lorraine Mccarthy Second Hand Books
Dinohoodie Katrina Young Shane Cullinan
Dirk Schils Keith Wibberley Shao Ju Shan
Dr.Zippelius Srl Unipersonale Kellie Hayden Simon Iveson
Dring Kenneth N. Flaxman Solitude Consulting
Edith Vella Kenneth Yip Stephan Gonter
Eleanor Le Poidevin Kimberly Fullerton Steve Morley
Elisabeth Key Lachezar Georgiev Steven Drayton
Elizabeth Forde Laura Edwards Suzanne Tarrant
Elizabeth Ostman Laurens Stormer Thai Nguyen
Elizabeth Williamson Lawrence Thompson Thao Ta
Elliot Carr Liam Booth Theodore Stankowich
Elsa Rouinsard Lianne Timothy Mather
Emily Milder Lorna Clark Toan Phan
Emma Green Louisa Jaskulski Tobias Brandowski
Evelyn Baron Lucia Cervantes Todd Flyr
Faun Studio Luisa Puello Toni Bunnell
Felix Schlieszus M Jay Victoria Turek
Geoffrey Denham Marc Faucher Vincent Doherty
George Baker Marian Isaac Wendy Hapgood
Georgette Taylor Marie Rauscher Wesley Rieck
Georgina Steadman Mark Winter Will Moindrot
Gerardo Sanchez Marlayna Gehrking William Horsley
Mary Anderson Xiaolei Liu
Other donors via other channels
Connon Alan John Nguyen Khanh My
Interasia Sas (Hongkong) Tradecompany Limited Zhaohua Road Changning Nguyen Khanh Tung Thu
Le Thi Van Anh Nguyen Thi Hoang Dung
Linquist John Philip Kendall Kim Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thuy
Luu Van Thanh Pham Quynh Anh
My Dung Philippe Lassalas Orange
Nguyen Duc Phu Phuong Huynh
Nguyen Hai Thuy Quinnie
Spiegel Tv (Film)
Volunteers coming in Apr 2020

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the volunteer program in our rescue center has been suspended.


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