Through the ages...

Different eras of dress and fashion can tell you a lot about a time period.

The 1920s had the 'flapper' look. The 1950s the 'greaser/juvenile delinquent' look. 

Mayfield Eight's set squarely in the 1970s, which to me was all about shedding the 'streamlined slimmed-down' minimalist Modern Era look of the 1960s.

  • Out was chopped off or tapered.
  • In was anything vaguely 'Old World,' like Spanish Colonial, or Greek, or Eastern European. If it had ropes, tassels or paisley it was in style.

A very awkward era, the 1970s didn't know what cultural roots it was trying to emulate, just so long as it had scrolled ornaments or curlicues everywhere.

Colors had to be warm, saturated in golds or reds. I once worked in a tupperware warehouse and the truly fashionable colors for their plastic ware fell into just three kinds: Wheat Avocado and Harvest Gold. (Pictured above: Wheat's been replaced by... Burnt Sienna?)


I had a problem.

I needed quickly a shot of audiences in a conference meeting. How do I go about making sure their clothes (and hairstyles) are authentic looking? Well, I cheat of course. It just so happened I had a convenient group photo of Drug Enforcement Agency cadets posing together circa 1975!

From there it was a small effort to get your 'sassy afro hair black female' and kinda longish haired male 'establishment' type guys together. The guys looked like they saw 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' or 'Serpico' and decided to join the trend.

(I wonder about tattoos. If they fall out of fashion, how are you going to adopt the new look? Skin grafts?)

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