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California Democrats cook up one of their worst legislative turkeys ever

By Editorial Board
Fresno Bee
July 25, 2017

California is a place where Democratic Party lawmakers friendly to unions often turn into contortionists to ram through bills that hamstring local government and leave taxpayers footing higher bills or receiving reduced services.

Well, the contortionists are stretching their limbs even farther these days on behalf of the bucket of horse slop that is Assembly Bill 1250, which cleared the Assembly June 1 (with backing from Joaquin Arambula of Fresno) and on July 12 passed the Senate Governance and Finance Committee….

It would cripple the ability of California counties to deliver services to our most vulnerable and neediest citizens by making it more expensive or virtually impossible to contract with local nonprofits….

This bill is so bad that California cities universally objected to it….

The list of respected organizations opposed to AB 1250 might consume an entire page of this newspaper….

From public safety, there are the California District Attorneys Association, the California State Sheriffs’ Association and the Chief Probation Officers of California.

From health and human services, there are the California Hospital Association, California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, the County Behavioral Health Directors Association of California, the County Health Executives Association of California, the County Welfare Directors Association of California, and ACT for Mental Health and Wellness….

From the nonprofit world, there are Fresno-based Reading and Beyond, which is one of the most effective groups of its kind in the nation; the Fresno County Economic Development Corp., Visalia-based Turning Point of Central California, and Centro La Familia Advocacy Services.

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