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Hydrogen: Bridging Sectors and Regions
Abu Dhabi, UAE 10 September 2019

Within the frame of the 24th World Energy Congress that will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 9 to 12 September 2019, the Network is organising a side event entitled "Hydrogen: Bridging Sectors and Regions" scheduled to take place on Tuesday 10 September 2019. The event is organised in collaboration with Hydrogen Europe, the Center for Hydrogen Safety, the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy, and Dii

You may visit the event webpage for additional  information. Registration for the "Hydrogen: Bridging Sectors and Regions" event will open soon. 

Dubai Solar Show part of WETEX
Dubai, UAE 21-23 October 2019 

For a third consecutive year, the Network will be present with it's own pavilion at the Dubai Solar Show part of WETEX, the biggest solar exhibition in the region. As in the two previous years, EU and GCC organisations will be invited to join the pavilion and present their services and products. Relevant announcements as well as the participation procedure for the organisations, will follow in due time. 

In addition, the Network will serve as a Knowledge Partner at the Seminar Week, an initiative of the Dubai Solar Show. Τhe agenda of the Seminar Week includes sessions on desert conditions-proof O+M technology, hydrogen and clean fuels, the role of storage in the energy transition to renewable energy  and more. The final agenda will be available soon. 

Kuwait Smart Grid Conference & Exhibition
Kuwait 30-31 October 2019 

Τhe Kuwait Smart Grid Conference and Exhibition will take place in Kuwait City on 30-31 October 2019.

Organised by the Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) and EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network, Kuwait Smart Grid Conference & Exhibition offers a unique platform for exchanging knowledge and expertise about latest power and grid technologies, with a focus on the smart grid technology, smart power generation, renewable solutions, energy efficiency and smart metering.

Stay tuned by following the event's webpage

Solar Asset Management MENA
Dubai, UAE 19-20 November 2019

The Network is partnering with Solar Plaza and will perform as a Knowledge Partner of the 2-day event entitled Solar Asset Management MENA. The event will be held in Dubai, UAE on 10-20 November 2019. 

The final agenda and other useful information will be soon available. 

10th Desert Energy Leadership Summit
Berlin, Germany 25-26 November 2019

The 10th Desert Energy Leadership Summit will be hosted in Berlin, Germany on 25-26 November 2019. The Network is joining forces with the Summit organisers and will contribute to the agenda and Summit sessions. 

More information will be soon available. Stay tuned! 

CSP Focus MENA 2019 
Dubai, UAE 26-27 June 2019

The 4th annual CSP Focus MENA took place in Dubai, UAE on 26-27 June 2019 with nearly 200 CSP industry leaders and guests from MENA, Europe, USA, China and other regions.  

Frank Wouters, Director of the Network was invited to contribute and moderate three thematic sessions, in particular a panel discussion entitled "Advantages, Challenges and Potential Solutions for CSP’s Development in MENA Countries"a panel discussion in which developers, government officials, investors and other experts discussed the characteristics, obstacles and opportunities of each CSP market, and, a panel discussion entitled "Hybrid Plants with Energy Storage".

Clean Energy in the EU and the GCC - within the EUSEW 2019
Brussels, Belgium 20 June 2019

Within the framework of EUSEW 2019 at the Networking Village - Energy Fair, the Network organised a half-day session on Thursday 20 June 2019, entitled "Clean Energy in the EU and GCC", that aimed to present the potential for collaboration between the two regions on the following topics:

  • Renewable Energy Technologies 
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Electricity markets
  • Hydrogen

The presentations were delivered by Frank Wouters, Network  Director and Dr. Mustapha Taoumi, Energy Technology Expert of the Network. 

Study Tour: Solar Thermal Applications for the Energy Transition
Spain, 10-14 June 2019

Experts of energy authorities and R&D organisations from the Gulf region, namely the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), the Ministry of Oil & Gas (Oman), DEWA (Dubai, UAE), Kahramaa (State of Qatar), the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and the Ministry of Electricity and Water (Kuwait) visited solar thermal power sites in Spain in the framework of a 5–day study tour on “Solar thermal applications for the energy transition”. The initiative was organised by the EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network, in cooperation with CENER, the Network partner in Spain. The study tour aimed to promote the exchange of experiences and know-how between the EU and the GCC on clean energy technologies and applications.

The agenda consisted of training workshops as well as visits to state-of-the-art industrial and research facilities in Seville, Almeria and Madrid, including Abengoa’s Solucar Platform, Torresol’s Gemasolar, CIEMAT’s Plataforma Solar de Almeria, IMDEA, Acciona. Workshops focused on Dispatchability for the Energy Transition, on the EU GCC CSP Alliance Initiative and on the role of R&D for CSP Deployment among other topics.

On June 14th, the last day of the study tour as workshop entitled "The EU GCC CSP Alliance initiative" took place with the participation of the GCC Delegates and experts representing EU organisation and research centres with focus to CSP.

The Press Release of the Study Tour is available here.

1st EU-GCC Regional Workshop on Energy-Water Nexus
Muscat, Oman 24-25 April 2019

The EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network in partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Muscat and the Oman Water Society, organised an EU-GCC event hosted alongside to the Oman Energy & Water 2019. The 2-day event was entitled “Addressing the Energy-Water Nexus through integrated approaches & regional cooperation” and took place on 24-25 April 2019 at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre in Muscat, Oman.

The workshop aimed to discuss water and electricity security and affordability, addressing environmental concerns including CO2 emissions and increasing salinity of the gulf as well as possibilities for regional cooperation. Furthermore, the meeting was an opportunity for policymakers, researchers, operators and experts from GCC and EU Countries to elicit the views on the strategies and action plans that would be relevant for the Gulf region. 

The presentations and other useful material, are available here.

You may download the Press Release here

Eurogas Annual Conference 2019
Brussels, Belgium 3 April 2019

Eurogas Annual Conference took place on Wednesday, 3 April 2019, Brussels and this year’s Conference on “Gas – part of the solution?” addressed issues for the energy sector and the gas sector in relation to the European Commission’s long-term vision to achieve a climate neutral Europe by 2050, the forthcoming gas legislation, sector integration and the role of renewable and decarbonised gases in the future sustainable energy mix. 

Frank Wouters, Network Director was participates as speaker at the session entitled "Going Global – What can Europe Learn?".  The session was about gas as a solution to the world’s energy and environmental challenges by showcasing how gas contributes to clean energy in countries outside Europe. 

  • Dr. Ioanna Makarouni and Dr. Haris Doukas were co-authors to an article at the Envirocities eMagazine, ECAT, entitled “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT) for Sustainability and Environment”. Τhe article was published at the 22nd of the magazine on January 2019. 
    Download the article here.
  • Dr. Mustapha Taoumi was the author of an article at Envirocities eMagazine, ECAT, entitled “Smart Grids: opportunities and challenges”. Τhe article was published at the 22nd edition of the magazine in January 2019.
    The article can be downloaded here.
  • Dr. Mohamed Shawky El Moursi has been co-author to a publication to the IEEE Transaction on Smart Grid Journal, entitled “A control strategy for voltage unbalance mitigation in an islanded microgrid considering demand side management capability”. The publication is available online

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