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Yeh, I know. The summer heat is not just in my part of California. It looks hot everywhere. So, when my friend, Ken, gave me this Christmas decoration, I was like…why? Then, I tapped its toe, and suddenly I forgot it was 105F. Take it away, James Brown. I guess you could say I’m celebrating Christmas in July. 😉

I’m also celebrating because I finished my revisions of THE DEPUTY’S K-9 MATCHMAKER and my dear VA (virtual assistant) Cindy, got it uploaded to all vendors. Whew! Miss a preorder date and you are author non-gratis with vendors.

This book was a tough one because I had so many other projects going at the same time, it was hard to focus:

LOVE ME SOME COWBOY – 7/19 hard release

UNSUITABLY PERFECT – 7/12 soft release

WEST COAST HAPPILY EVER AFTER – Love makes sense when nothing else does!

GOING ALL IN ON LOVE – So not their mama’s fairytale!

But none of that takes away from the joy I experienced while working on
THE DEPUTY’S K-9 MATCHMAKER. This was the first book I wrote after quitting my day job as a journalist and feature writer for a mid-size daily. I learned so much about writing, editing, and storytelling working there, but here’s the thing: people frown on you using your imagination when you write news. (Not that that doesn’t happen, but…never mind.😉) So, I was thrilled—and a little scared—when Paul said, “I’ll pay you to stay home and write your novel.” Truth.

Anyway, one morning on my daily dog walk, I looked at my sweet Queensland heeler, Belle, who at times felt like my doggie version of a soulmate, and wondered, “What does she think about this whole thing? What would she tell me if she could talk?” And BOOM, the magic of inspiration happened.

So, this book is a must-read for any pet lover who looks in their pet’s eyes and sees all the wisdom, wonder, honesty, and love that can’t be expressed verbally. Although this story requires a small—okay giant—leap of faith on the reader’s part, it’s a much smaller leap for you folks.

Pre-order THE DEPUTY'S K-9 MATCHMAKER for only $1.99
at the retailer of your choice HERE!

Release Date: August 1, 2022

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Good luck and enjoy!

Happy reading, my friends!


Coming soon: MATCHMAKER’s release day – AUGUST 1st!



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