Aboriginal flag to be absent for AFL Indigenous round

[Tony Armstrong, ABC]

At a time when the Black Lives Matter movement has reached a fever pitch and many Indigenous footballers have been targeted with online racial attacks, the Aboriginal flag's absence from Sir Doug Nicholls Round will be a glaring omission.

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Asteroids named in honour of Indigenous Australians

[Brendan Mounter and Samuel Davis, ABC]

A 1.9-kilometre-wide asteroid is now officially 7733 Segarpassi, an honour for the senior Dauareb man and Meriam elder Uncle Segar Passi.

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New National Museum exhibition gives voice to narratives of Indigenous Australians

[by Diana Streak]

The carefully chosen objects in Talking Blak to History celebrate Indigenous cultures and open the Gallery’s conversations on issues including land rights, sovereignty, cultural renaissance and deaths in custody.

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Aurukun start-up business thrives in its first quarter

[by Liz Inglis]

While Australia was bunkering down to stop the spread of COVID-19, an Aurukun resident was planning to launch the isolated Cape York community’s first start-up business for 2020.

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