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The Big Rakhi Frenzy - An Inside Story!

Hey ,

We're not sure you noticed, but we missed a week. 10 weeks of continuous sending out The Sunday Letter but the last week we missed. It was not something we had planned and its not something we're proud of. Rather, we had a very interesting Rakhi story planned for you guys but I guess, all of you had other plans for us.

This is a story of how we handled the massive, unprecedented, unexpected Rakhi rush while keeping our sanity in place!

So..somewhere around 8th July, we started noticing that we were getting more orders than usual. First, we just attributed it to good luck and went about our ways. We of course knew that Raksha Bandhan was fast approaching and that a lot many of you guys would want to send the cookies to your siblings and we were prepared for that.

But Rakhi was still more than 3 weeks away and our orders had taken a considerable jump.

I remember I had been editing the Mango Icecream video in the first week of July, before all the madness started, and I was almost done. We'd also announced on our Instagram page that the Mango Icecream video was coming soon. One day I was working on the video trying to put it out on our Youtube channel ASAP, the next day it was the last thing on my mind as I spent 10 hrs in the kitchen baking trays after trays of all our cookies!

Honestly, the first few days were spent in a confused state. In order to meet the demand, we hired a few extra people and started doing even longer shifts. We used to start working at around 9 am in the morning and close our facility by 10 pm at night making the dough, scooping it, and baking it.

But the most important part of all of this was not to make you guys feel as if we were ghosting you! Many of you use DMs or emails or even the Contact Us form on our website to send in your inquiries and we always want to be able to reply back to you within minutes. We believe that quick communication is as essential as making awesome cookies.

And we knew we were faltering in that a lot of times. So we decided to take help in that. We asked one of our couple friends from UAE to take over all our communication channels and answer all your queries. So whenever you DM us about customizing that box of cookies for you, it's actually our friends replying on our behalf.

Honestly, I don't know where I would be without their help. So thank you so much guys. You know who we're talking about 😀

Coming back to the reason we missed The Sunday Letter last week, it was because we were baking cookies! Yes, though we are usually not shipping out orders on Sundays but it was the day before Rakhi and a lot of our patrons from within Delhi had ordered multiple boxes for the Rakhi day only.

So we spent the entire day making boxes after boxes of the Nutella Lava Cookies, the Choco Brownie Cookies and the Choco Chunk cookies.

Now you know the reason why we have been AWOL since the past one month. And the reason we could not put out a Raksha Bandhan post on Instagram! 

The only silver lining was that we were able to send out 99%+ of the orders to your satisfaction and ours. Of course, there were a few places where we still faltered. Like we had to get this one order delivered by the 7th of Aug and somehow it did not reach in time. 

But a few whoopsies aside, I am so glad and thankful that you guys chose Dohful cookies to express love to your siblings.

P.S.: Binod loves our cookies. Do you? 

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