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Guiding Needle Acupuncture has the following mission: “To elevate the consciousness, robust health and vitality of humanity.”


In this video, I explain the similarity between a kinked garden hose; blocking fluid circulation and tension in the body; blocking blood circulation causing pain and even hypertension.

Where there is pain, there is lack of circulation, where there is circulation, there is no pain. All the healing agents of the body are found in the blood. When there is an obstruction in the flow of blood to a particular area of the body, that area will be negatively affected, resulting in malfunction. Any area of the body that is damaged due to a trauma or an internal disorder will have difficulty recovering if there is a reduction in the flow of blood to that area. In order to attain and maintain optimum wellness; the unimpeded circulation of oxygen, also known as "Qi" must be delivered to the tissues. Proper functioning of the vascular system, organ systems, nervous system allow this process to occur successfully.


Within seconds of inserting needles into distal acupuncture points (not directly needling into the area of pain, trauma and inflammation), a reduction of pain, an increased range of movement in targeted joints and body temperature balance begins. Neural pathways are stimulated, the midbrain releases endorphins/ enkephalins that bind to pain receptors along the spine and the capillary beds where the pain exists; to eliminate pain, awaken and increase vascular functioning.


The stimulation of specific points on the body affects the central and peripheral nervous systems triggering the release of the body’s own internal chemicals and blood flow. A secret healing power is inherent in the blood: the blood carries and distributes all the pain relieving endorphins, analgesics, enkephalins, anti-inflammatories, enzymes, nutrients extracted from food, life giving oxygen, hormones et cetera. The major waste removal system of the body is the vascular system. Where there is poor blood flow, there is a build up of debris, inflammation and pain in the body.


To better explain the concept of vascular blockage, I often use the garden hose example: let's say you have a water hose (vessel) connected to a water pump (heart) propelling fluid (blood) circulation. What happens when you fold the water hose in half, putting a kink in the water hose? This blocks the flow of water through the hose at the kink, allowing poor to no water circulation and backs up excessive pressure on the pump. Now relate this kink in the water hose to a vessel constricted by muscle tension, scar tissue, inflammation, structural or other interference; the blood circulation will be blocked, tissues become inflamed, pH acidic and painful due to lack of circulation of blood and body fluids. The pressure between the heart and the blockage increases and the pain becomes more intense.


The interference of the vessel must be released in order for the blood to circulate freely. Once circulation is optimal, the result is homeostasis; a constant state of relaxation in the body, it is the existence of nutrient rich, highly oxygenated blood coursing undeterred through the entire body. Such a body does not experience chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic indigestion or, chronic anything. Blood vessels will be vasodilated allowing the circulatory system to do its job uninhibited, there is radiant skin, a lack of acidity in the body, optimal strength and joint mobility.


Locating the weaknesses and interference of blood flow and employing acupuncture to remove the interference and reinforce the nervous system communication between the midbrain and the associated target blockage area; increases the blood circulation in the targeted area, allowing the body to regenerate itself.


If you have pain that is lingering or is not being treated by other modalities, consider acupuncture. Treatments focus on the root cause of any uncomfortable symptoms and prevention to strengthen wellness.


The various acupuncture methods that I employ stimulate the body's own self-healing responses immediately upon needle insertion; allowing you to freely move your joints during treatment; increasing range of motion joint mobility, promoting ideal pain free circulation and movement.

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