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Live Without Stress Wins Book Award

I am proud to announce that
LIVE WITHOUT STRESS: How to Enjoy the Journey has just been awarded the prestigious


1. Quote of the Month

2. Stress Management Video Tip


Although assumptions are necessary, they are often the cause of needless stress. When you understand how your feelings are influenced by your assumptions, you will enter a new stage of stress management. To learn more, watch this short video.

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3. Parenting Without Stress Tip

14 Tips on
How NOT to be an
Overprotective (helicopter) Parent

1. Have the mindset of raising young people to be secure yet empowered to have wings.

2. Realize that every time you do something that a young person can do, you are depriving that person of taking responsibility and developing positive self-esteem.

3. Understand that if you want a young person to be mature, you must ask yourself if what you are doing is in the young person's best interest or is something you want because it feels good for you.

4. Do not necessarily give in to what your child wants. People talk in terms of needs when, in reality, they are wants.

5. Resilience is necessary to live a successful life. Reflect on whether your decisions empower toward resilience or if they depress and lead to a mindset of victimhood mentality.

6. As your child learned how to ride a bicycle, you encouraged the child to try. Use this same approach when the youngster is trying something new.

7. Resist telling the young person what to do. Instead, share your experiences about similar situations.

8.  Understand that failure is an attitude, not an outcome. We can learn much more from failures than from successes. Embrace you child’s failures as a path to encourage your child.

9. You can control your child, but that does not change your child. You cannot change anyone but yourself. If you want your child to do something differently, it starts with what you—yourself—will do differently.

10. Always speak to you child in terms of what you wantnot in terms of what you don’t want. The brain thinks in pictures, not words, so if you tell you youngster what not to do, the vision that is prompted is what comes after the word, “Don’t.”

11. Learn the skill of asking reflective questions. This skill is the most effective approach to having your child change, and it will help you to become a more successful parent.

12. Zip your lip. Allow your child to be acknowledged by your listening. Resist interrupting you child. People want to be acknowledged.

13. Teach procedures for how to do things rather than relying on rules that automatically put you in a police enforcement mode. Become a facilitator of growth.

14. Refer to the Parenting Model.

4. Discipline Without Stress Tip

I Was Recently Asked:
"I have been looking into your Discipline Without Stress system and I have a question. What are your feelings about behavior charts that are hung publicly in a classroom where children's behavior levels are noted publicly? I wonder whether this is in line with your philosophy/approach."

My Response:
Posting results on some kind of a scale prompts competition, rather than cooperation and collaboration. Competition is great in sports because it prompts motivation and increases performance. However, unless competition is between teams, by its very nature competition promotes winners and losers and is counterproductive to learning.

If your self-talk prompts you to believe that you will never be in the winner’s circle, would you rather compete and never win or give up? Young boys would prefer to misbehave rather than publicly be thought of as losers, which is what posting results on some sort of scale does for the people who always score below the average.

This type of activity is one of many often used that are counterproductive to the two prime practices of superior teachers: motivating and creating cooperative relationships.

So my response is “No.”

For an in-depth look of how to become a superior teacher, visit

5. Charity for U.S. Schools

Any K-12 U.S. school can receive free books and other materials at

6. Discipline Online

Discipline Online reduces the "sink or swim" approach to teaching. Education is still the only profession that does NOT teach the most essential skill for success, namely, walking into a classroom for the first time as a new teacher and having a system to handle every behavior or discipline problem. Learn how at an incredibly low investment at Discipline online.

7. Speaking and Presenting

Need a speaker for a corporate, education, or parent event? Check out the Marvin Marshall's speaking site.

8. What People Say

 “I am a teacher in Calgary and I have been using your Raise Responsibility System with great success for the past seven years. It has certainly helped me to become a confident and successful classroom manager!”
—Sydney Fay - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

9. Resources

The Trilogy Is Now Complete!

LIVE Without Stress has joined DISCIPLINE Without Stress, and PARENTING Without Stress.

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10. Investment for Schools

Since Discipline Online is now available for schools and organizations to have multiple subscribers, the SCHOOL IN-HOUSE STAFF DEVELOPMENT is being discontinued at a FIRE SALE PRICE.

There are only 8 DVDs left in stock and they will not be reproduced. The price with all the inclusions is available at the fire sale investment of $499 rather than $995. First come, first served.

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