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Homeschooling is *illegal* in ~35+ countries


*35* countries, including Costa Rica, Germany, Netherlands, China, Brazil, et al.


Let that sink in


Choosing how to educate *your* *own* *children* can get you arrested and locked in a cage in *35 countries*


~2+ *billion* people do not have the freedom to educate their own *children*


This is one of the most glaring and abominable indications of the totalitarian control-system that is not-so-subtly woven into every level of our 21st-century global-monocultural 'civilization'




I posted the above on Facebook and it's generated quite the discussion


Those curious can read the discussion on Facebook; and for those seeking a highlight reel, here are a few screenshots of my longer replies:



Childhood education is something Tanja and I have been thinking about a lot lately for obvious reasons... it's looking likely that homeschooling / unschooling are going to play a large role in our approach 


Curious to hear from all of you: What are your thoughts on homeschooling / unschooling / this discussion?


Also, bonus thread: People really hit the ceiling on Facebook the other day when, in light of New York City's announcement that proof-of-vaccination will be required for people to enter restaurants/gyms/etc, I posted that "vaccine passports are the new jim crow," indicating that this is a form of legalized segregation




Anywho, hope this finds you chillaxin' in the free world 




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