Series 3 celebrates it's 17th anniversary on the 28th of April 2019. On this day in 2002 at 9pm, the lads triumphantly returned to our screens and 12 million viewers saw the lads back together for the first time in over 15 years to dismantle the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge and erect* it in Arizona, USA.

Series 3 celebrates its 17th anniversary on the 28th of April 2019. On this day in 2002 at 9pm, the lads triumphantly returned to our screens and 12 million viewers tuned in to see the lads back together for the first time in over 15 years to dismantle the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge and erect* it in Arizona, USA.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we bring you this:

  • "It's Outrageous!" 17 Years On!
  • Rod Osborne Speaks - Mark Stobbart Interview
  • Exclusive Series 3 Merchandise Release!
  • From The Archives
  • BridgeNorth Tee Modeled By Loren
  • 'NameDropper' Winner Revealed!

*No jokes please, we've heard them all

"It's Outrageous...."

April 2002, saw the lads returned for a long awaited third series, and some of the cast didn't think it would happen as Kevin Whately told the Evening Chronicle back in 2002.

“Since the last series, there has been lots of speculation and rumour about the show being revived but, to be honest, I didn’t think it would ever happen..."

“What brought it about was when writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais penned three little scenes for us to do at a charity concert called Sunday For Sammy.”

“We were nervous about doing it, but the reaction from the 2,000-strong audience was unbelievable. They roared so much the roof nearly came off. It was great to be back.”

The show was not only a smash hit with viewers but also a hit with the critics, winning the Most Popular Drama award at the 2002 National Television Award.

If you’d like to see the 3-part Auf Wiedersehen, Pet sketch, written by Ian Le Frenais and Dick Clement for the first ever Sunday for Sammy back in 2000, then grab yourself a copy of the 30th Anniversary ‘Back with the Boys Again’ DVD boasting interviews with cast, crew, writers and producers plus never before seen behind the scenes footage and bloopers HERE!

We saw a lot of changes to the lives of the remaining lads since watching them sail off into the sunset off the coast of Southern Spain in the mid 80's. Barry was now the owner of his own import/export business in the West Midlands, albeit a dubious one.

Oz had survived a stretch in prison for GBH, Neville was running his own 'Construction' firm with wife Brenda which was beautifully called, 'Nevenda Homes', Dennis was in 'transport', Moxey was in 'catering' for Liverpool hardcase Mickey Startup, and Bombers life was a bit of mystery, just doing bits of 'this and that'. 

The locations on this series stretched further afield too, from the heights of the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough to the vast wide-open desert of Arizona. So, the lads were back, the beers were once again flowing and they were off...!

Rod Osborne Speaks...

To celebrate 17 years of Series 3, we’ve an exclusive interview with Mark Stobbart who played Rod Osborne in this series. Mark has not only agreed to answer questions, but has also kindly donated his scripts used during filming which we will be adding to the site in the very near future. We ask Mark how he first got involved with the show, if he’d worked with the cast previously and he also tells us how Jimmy Nail who played his on-screen father Oz, stopped him being a nervous wreck!

Special thanks to Mark for talking the time out his busy schedule to talk to us.

Read The Full Interview Here!

BridgeNorth Demolition Keyring...?

The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge; designed by the ‘Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Co’, opened in October 1911 and carefully dismantled piece by piece in 2002 by ‘BridgeNorth Demolition’.

Now firmly rooted in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet folklore, the bridge stands proud in Arizona transporting Native Americans across ‘Crow River’ to their now thriving Casino. Or so the story goes*.

This soft rubber durable keyring is the latest to be added to our collection and is made to last a lifetime - just like the Transporter Bridge!

Available now for immediate dispatch*!

BridgeNorth Keyring - Purchase Now

From The Archives - The Times Magazine

In 2002 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet returned but not before the press got hold of the lads on location in Arizona! It's been a long time since they lived in that rat-infested hut in Dussledorf, and their lives have moved on. But, have they grown up? The cast may have but the characters it seems for many, have not! Times reporter Stephen Hobbs caught up with the cast, writers and crew on location in the USA. Can this brand-new series be a success, can they equal what they did in the 80’s?

View On The Fansite

BridgeNorth Demolition Tee

This month we’d like to introduce you to Auf Wiedersehen, Pet fan and model, Loren Thacker from Derbyshire. Now living in Australia, Loren became a huge fan of the show after being introduced to the original series by her parents.

Series 3 however is one of Loren's favourites; 

"It was great that the boys were back after so long and they have even more baggage than they did in Dusseldorf! Wyman is a great addition to the gang too, some youthfulness and an 'up for anything' attitude that helps them all accept the challenge of taking down the Transporter Bridge! The new music, the new landscapes and the new cast of characters we see in Series 3 is just bostin!...."

Loren, pictured here, is sporting our exclusive BridgeNorth Tee, in thick ultra-cotton available in sizes small to 3XL. Why not check our entire tee range beautifully modelled by Loren here!

Special thanks to Loren and photographer Jason O’Brien for taking time out their busy schedule. Follow Loren on Instagram here and photographer Jason O’Brian here.

Model | Loren Thacker | Instagram loren.thacker | Website
Photographer | Jason O'Brien | Instagram jco__portraits | Website

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And the winner is…. 'NameDropper!'

Last month we ran a competition for one lucky reader to win a signed copy of media historian Chris Phipps brand new book, ‘Namedropper!’

Best known as Producer of Channel 4’s ‘The Tube’, Chris’s passionate expert knowledge of radio, television, entertainment and popular music shines through in his latest offering including interviews with The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, legends David Bowie, Little Richard, Madonna and Miles Davis to name but a few.

This unorthodox autobiography captures Chris’s memories from the mega famous to the mundane and is the perfect companion to any coffee table!

We asked you which one of our ‘Magnificent 7’ did Chris dedicate the memory of his new book ‘Namedropper! The answer was, of course; Gary Holton AKA Wayne Winston Norris.

We selected one name at random from hundreds of entries and can confirm the winner is; Jacqui Cartwright.

Congratulations Jacqui! Drop us a line now to claim your prize.

If you weren’t as fortunate as Jacqui, then why not grab yourself a copy here!

Yours 'til the next point of interest, Lee, Tim, Andy & Gavin.....

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

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