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"Paul's captivating writing pulls you in from page one. I cannot wait for more volumes in the series."- K. A.

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On the Homefront

This week saw us getting out for dinner with friends and sitting around a campfire. They live out in the country, so the view of the stars was spectacular. As darkness approached, we all sat around the fire while Carol made S' mores. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of marshmallows, but the chocolate was definitely delicious! We even decided to go whole hog and buy the British Cadbury's Dairy Milk from our local import shop. It's much better than the stuff they have in the grocery stores hereabouts.

Saturday saw us hard at work clearing out our spare room, or 'Spare oom' as our middle daughter named it. This reference has stuck with us since it was first applied quite some years ago. Care to guess where the reference comes from?

This Week's Review: Cobra Kai

This TV series, new to Netflix, actually debuted on Youtube some time ago. It follows characters established in the original Karate Kid movie (1984), picking up the lives of its two main rivals, Daniel LaRusso, and Johnny Lawrence, thirty-four years later. Daniel (once again played by Ralph Macchio) is now a successful car dealer,  while Johnny (William Zabka, returning in the role) has been far less successful.

As the story progresses, Johnny starts up the old Cobra Kai Karate Dojo, after which the series is named. It also follows many of the students, as well as the respective children of the two leads.

This show does a very successful job of combining the old with the new. The producers managed to get hold of extra footage from the original movie, allowing them to use brief flashbacks to tremendous effect. As a person that has taken karate, I have to say that you need to suspend disbelief to enjoy this show as it is highly unlikely that a person with less than one year of training could win a competition. Still, if you’re willing to put that aside, you can sit back and enjoy the excellent fight choreography.

The second season ramps up the storyline to a considerable degree and leaves you wanting for more. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Cobra Kai. They’ve done an excellent job of keeping it interesting without degenerating into too much drama.

Be forewarned, once you start, you’ll likely find yourself binge-watching this program. Thankfully, a third season will be with us, but you’ll have to wait for 2021 to see it. Ah, well, I

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The reviews for Temple Knight keep coming!

'Great book' - D L V

'Middle Ages Action Adventure!' - D. R.

'An action-packed enjoyable read.' - Mitchell S

'A fun read with a strong leading character.' - C.R.

'Paul J Bennett has another winner with this book. I can’t wait for more.' - J G

'Wow-what a fantastic way to get an insight to a new (in my eyes) writer' - Derek

Paul's captivating writing pulls you in from page one. I cannot wait for more volumes in the series. - K A

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A Look Back at Sword of the Crown

Book Two of Heir to the Crown debuted in March of 2018. I knew, after telling Gerald’s story in Servant of the Crown, that I had to tell Beverly’s origins. Rather than simply show a very capable warrior, I decided to roll back the clock and reveal how she became such a skilled knight. To me, it seemed logical that I begin with her birth, a birth that I knew would eventually contrast that of Richard Fitzwilliam, her father. Key to her development, at least in my mind, was the fact that her father never had reservations about training his only child.

Sword of the Crown is about more than Beverly, however, as we also get to see the close working relationship between her father, the baron, and Gerald Matheson, his Sergeant-At-Arms. This pair of individuals sets her on the path to greatness, not through any preconceived destiny, but rather through hard work and discipline. It was important for me to make her someone that earned her fame through her actions, rather than merely being good in a single fight and so we see her overcoming obstacles and, on occasion, facing defeat.

Beverly is, after Gerald, perhaps the most important and influential character in the series (aside from Anna, of course), and thus earns her place among the queen’s closest advisers.

Book of the Week

Just in case you haven't read this one yet!

Sword of the Crown: When an invading army crosses the border... only hope stands between victory and defeat!

Enter Dame Beverly Fitzwilliam, who has trained for this moment since she first held a sword. From her relentless pursuit of knighthood to the day she single-handedly saves the king's life and earns her spurs, she has searched for someone worthy of her fealty.

By swearing to protect the life of a mysterious royal heir, she undertakes an adventure that will have her travelling across the kingdom fighting desperate battles, all the while surrounded by powerful enemies who conspire to bring down the crown.

Her destiny will be determined in a monumental clash of forces where success can save the kingdom, but failure means certain death.

Sword of the Crown is an action-packed medieval adventure that is the second book in the Heir to the Crown series but can be read without reading book one. If you like epic battle scenes, dangerous enemies and mysterious prophecies, then you will love this tale of a knight who will not submit.

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Sorry, no updated covers this week. We're busy on the final edits and the new cover for Tempered Steel!

Work in Progress Update

Fury of the Crown crossed the 70,000-word mark this week. I had been writing quite quickly, but editing and the reading through of Flames has taken up some of my time, resulting in a slightly lower word count. The storyline is progressing well, though I must admit my original outline will have to be revised. There is just too much story for a single book. This is not, in itself, a bad thing. I’m often shifting plot points to later books, but it has caused me to rethink the overall storyline of this particular book.

The invasion of Norland is front and centre, but it is not the plot that propels the storyline. Instead, it is the people. As armies march back and forth, there is suspicion and intrigue. Can the Mercerian forces conquer their traditional enemy, or will their attack grind to a halt? Only time will tell.

On a secondary note, the editing of Flames (The Frozen Flame: Book Three) is progressing nicely. As I was writing it, Carol was only a few chapters behind, giving it a quick read and addressing any possible plot holes (thankfully, there weren’t many).

As a result, when it came time to proofread and edit, the workload was significantly reduced. She is using a similar tactic with Fury of the Crown, and so far, it’s proved most beneficial, and she is only days behind me in reading it. On the downside, she did find a slight issue with Fury, requiring me to make some alterations, something I’ll tackle next week.

On the whole though, a very productive week.

Until next time, enjoy a passage from Flames, Book Three in The Frozen Flames series.

( In the language of the Orcs)

"Master Artoch," said Shaluhk, "are you sure you will not come with us? We would welcome a wielder of flame."

The elderly shaman bowed. "You flatter me, but I can not. Those who have chosen to remain will need my guidance."

"You know the Humans will return," warned Kargen, "and in greater numbers than before. They will not sit idly by allowing us to live in peace after the defeat we have dealt them."

"I know," said Artoch, "and yet what would you have me do? I can not abandon our people in their time of need."

"We are not abandoning them," said Kargen, his emotions threatening to get the better of him. "If they were not so stone-headed, they would realize that. Convince them to join us, Artoch. It is their only hope of survival."

"I have tried, believe me." He reached up, placing his hand on his chieftain's shoulder. "May the Ancestors guide you, Kargen," he said, "and you too, Shaluhk. You are the future of our people."

"I wish you the best of luck," said Kargen, "for you face a difficult time."

"As do we all," noted the master of flame. "Now, I shall return to the village to help those I might. You, on the other hand, must begin the great exodus eastward into the vast wilderness where Humans fear to tread. Farewell, my friends."

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The Last Song on Ilid: Caught between memory and mercy, can he bring himself to slay the fallen prince?

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