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Smell ya later, 2019!

Eek, eek, eek! I can't believe this year is almost over! It's been a wild ride, hasn't it? 

I know we've all had our ups and downs. Even day to day life brings messes. I just hope you all have been able to find your moments of happiness when the storms of drama start to rain all over your parades.

I was thinking I'd send my final newsletter of the year with a review of all the winds and losses, but you know what? I think it's a lot better to end the year thinking about all the good.


  • Tons and tons of words! Between books and outlines, I'm going to end the year with 480000+ words written. WOW!
  • TWO series completed! Check out that sweet little graphic--Black Claw Ranch and Shifters and Sins finished up!
  • A new series started! Helloooooo, lions!
  • Meeting a bunch of authors IRL that I've been stalking, er, I mean ADMIRING online for a long while.
  • First wedding anniversary with my very own hero, Mr. Lane <3
  • More travel! Vegas for work + fun, Florida for family + fun.
  • A general, all around positive change in mind and body. 

Here's to all the wins of this year, and the ones coming in the next!

Signing off for 2019,

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New from friends!

Animus: A Dragon Shifter Romance (Sleeping Dragons Book 1)

An ancient temple. Seven explorers. And eight dragons to rule them all.

When Erika and her team of archaeologists break the seal on the temple they’ve been hunting, they unwittingly take the first step in a series of rituals designed to revive the long-sleeping denizens inside. Now, with every breath they take, they inhale air steeped in dragon magic—and perfumed with otherworldly, irresistible desire.

Erika wants nothing more than to prove she’s still in control. But when she sets her sights on the figure she is meant to awaken—a red dragon bound in the form of a beautiful man frozen in jade—her resolve is truly put to the test.

And that’s when the ambitious, pent-up expedition leader begins to think: Maybe losing control wouldn’t be so bad, after all…


Sentinel of Khoth: Dark Warrior Alliance Book 21

Talysia, a siren halfling, has been an outcast her entire life. She's moved too many times to count, searching for somewhere to call home. She travels to the dragon realm of Khoth and immediately falls in love with the simple lifestyle of the mystical realm. She is drawn even deeper when she meets Finn, a sexy dragon knight, and imagines herself finally settling in one place. Unfortunately, her bliss quickly morphs to terror when Talysia finds herself in the middle of a brutal war between the dragons and their enemies? So much for the simple life.

Finn, a formidable dragon knight of Khoth, does everything in his power to protect his king and queen, as well as, the Cuelebre citizens. When duty leads him to the captivating Talysia, a half-breed siren, their instant attraction burns soul deep. Her tempting curves and irresistible voice incite him like no other, and for the first time in his life, Finn imagines placing his mark on a female. And then the shitstorm hits.

Cyril, the evil Unseelie King, ups the ante in his war against the King of Khoth, and Finn vows to defeat the vile male threatening to destroy his realm and those he loves. To make matters worse, fate takes a nasty turn and the Cuelebre Queen and the heirs to the throne become sick from an unknown source. Battling the hands of time, Finn fears what the future holds for his homeland, its people, and the female that has captured his heart.


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