[GLN] Acute Logistics / Log!Zone Freight of UAE - Termination Advice

Dear GLN Family:

On the 22th of November 2017, after not keeping a final ultimate deadline for paying certain long overdue invoices to GLN Members, I have finally lost patience with Acute Logistics (also acting under their new name Log!Zone Freight).

They are consistently not keeping their promises to solve the AR issues arisen, and even accumulated extra AR issues, even when we put them on Prepaid Status since 16th of October 2017.

So In order to protect all members from more damage being done, I have terminated their membership with immediate effect.

As far as we are aware of the old AR issues between members and Acute Logistics, we have paid all of them this week from our AR Fund.

If you have any freight ready to be shipped, please contact us before shipping. 

Thanks for your continued support,

Best regards,

Ernst van der Heijden, Executive Director
Email: ernst@go2GLN.com | Web: www.go2GLN.com | Mob: +31 6 14478447 | Office: +31 10 2614777.
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