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Participation in last week's poll hit the 15% mark, so we got some interesting data on the current "learning situation" across the country.  As usual, results are only visible below to poll participants.

This week's poll is a quickie -- checking in on your state of mind and mental health. You can also submit the questions you'd like to see asked in a future poll as well. Remember to answer the poll just below if you want to see the results next week :-)

Thanks in advance for your help

Karine Joly
Stay healthy, stay calm
Karine Joly
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From The Higher Ed Blogs

Facebook Launches Student-Only Networking Site
By Lindsay McKenzie

No dorms, no in-person classes, no problem: how community colleges are building community virtually
By Madeline St. Amour

Gateway pages for PDFs
By Jennifer Hamrick

Why Your Higher Education Institution’s SEO Strategy Needs to Factor in User Experience (UX)
By Irene Test

Creating a Brand Story for the Times
By Patrick Weas

Colleges undermined their reopening plans by not communicating effectively
By Michael J. Socolow

The Non-Degree Graduate Boom: Chasing the Competition
By Richard Garrett

Key Changes in How the 2021 Best Colleges Rankings Were Calculated
By Eric Brooks

How to prepare for public sector bodies accessibility regulations in the UK
By Georgie Myers

Missed the last issue of this newsletter? Online or On-Campus Poll, Social Media Ambassadors with COVID, Text Scanning, SAT/ACT, War on Campus? Insta & Twitter
By Karine Joly

From Elsewhere

Designing For Attention
Smashing Magazine

A marketers’ guide to TikTok analytics
Sprout Social Insights

Neither Microsoft nor Oracle gets to buy TikTok US: Chinese state media

Introducing Facebook Campus

Privacy Matters: Facebook Campus

Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event: the 9 biggest announcements
The Verge

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