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Authors, Authors Everywhere!

Hi, I can't believe that a month has passed already since sending my first 'new look' email.

It's been another busy one too!

I've attended the UK's best Indie Author event and I've finished writing another thriller.

Read on, and I'll give you all of this month's gossip ...

What I've been up to this month ...

The highlight of this past month has been flying down to Heathrow in the UK to attend the 20BooksTo50k event. The hotel in Egham was packed with UK authors - and many who had flown in from other countries.

There were some amazing presentations from the keynote speakers and the best bit of all was getting to meet all those fabulous authors and sharing lots of great tips to help get the books written faster.

Pictured above are best-selling USA authors, Michael Anderle and Martha Carr. I've already interviewed Michael on my podcast and I'll be recording an interview with Martha next Sunday :-)

By the way, the final draft of my next sci-fi book Phase 6 has now been completed on it's on pre-order now. I'll also finish the first draft of my latest thriller - Who To Trust - by the end of this week, that should be released on 3rd May ... if we get the edits done in time!

More news next month - I'm sending out these emails on the last Sunday of every month by the way.

Best wishes,

Paul Teague

In conversation ...

I was delighted to meet Dan Wilcocks at the 20Books event. Dan is a fellow UK author and podcaster and we'd only spoken online prior to the event. He and co-host Luke Kondor interviewed me for their podcast this month and you can take a listen here if you want to, it's episode TSS046.

My random thing ...

I was in Peterborough a week or two ago learning more about Crypto Currencies, a topic which has really caught my attention at the moment. I was staying in a hotel making my way to my room when - ding! - I noticed that it looks EXACTLY like the hotel corridor in my thriller Don't Tell Meg ... spooky :-)

This month's picture gallery ...

My Secret Bunker Trilogy is based on a real-life nuclear bunker in the UK. It's an AMAZING place, hidden beneath a cottage and surrounded by fields. I've added three sample images above, but if you'd like to check out the full gallery and take your own virtual tour of The Secret Bunker click HERE.

What I'm watching ...

This is the most original drama that I've watched for a long time ... but I won't give away the series' key twist here. It's very much a family drama - no guns, chases or laser guns in this one :-) However, every now and then something really fresh comes along on TV and it makes everybody sit up and pay attention. This Is Us is well worth a look and I'm desperate to be able to access season 2 now.

What I'm reading ...

I've just finished reading The Woman in Cabin 10 this week. I'm reading wall-to-wall thrillers at the moment because my next writing project is going to be a 90k word psychological thriller which I have some big plans for! This was a good read and it kept me hooked, it was a nice concept setting the story on a boat where everybody is 'trapped' on board. I used the same technique in One Fatal Error :-)

My writing ...

I write thrillers as Paul J. Teague, sci-fi as Paul Teague and non-fiction as P Teague.

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