Hello friends:

It seems to always work. 

For the past month or more an upper left molar has been communicating to me that caries bacteria has attacked.  Two nights ago it was time to do something about it.  The cavity was between two molars.  I stripped the cotton from one side of a Q-tip and tied it to the end of 12 inches of dental floss.  I ran the dental floss between the two molars and pulled until the cotton was up against those two teeth.

I placed the stainless steel probe of the micro-current device with a wet paper towel on the wet cotton.  I placed the other probe with a wet paper towel on the opposite side of that row of teeth and ran the current of the micro-current device through the cavity bacteria for about 20 minutes. The tooth is so happy now and does not talk to me anymore.  The location of the invasion will have the color of a cavity but the bacteria is dead and will return to hard enamel.  I then took care of a smaller attack on the lower left side of my mouth.

The strategy of using the probes for mouth infection is very effective. I am personally aware of a woman who had a bad case of gingivitis and receding gums. She used the probes. Her body regrew new gums. Her dentist was pleasantly surprised.

How many anecdotal experiences does it take to make it science? :)

There are so many ways to use EarthTides.

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