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Cheerio summer, hello autumn!

Welcome to my September newsletter! I don't know what it's like where you live in the world, but autumn has arrived here in the UK and summer is now a distant memory. Next stop, snow :-)

I've got a couple of my books on free promos this week, so if you want to start reading The Grid Trilogy (sci-fi) or the Don't Tell Meg Trilogy (thriller) scroll on for those special links.

In a shock announcement I'm giving up writing!

In true thriller fashion though, there's a twist to this story.

The last minute reveal is at the bottom of the page :-)

Your Help Needed!

I write my books in UK English, yet over 70%+ of my readers are in the USA. When I start work on my next thriller series, I think I'm going to write in US English. What's your opinion on this? Does writing in UK English bother you as a reader? If you're a UK reader, does an English author using US English annoy you? And what about English phrases - are they completely baffling to you if you live outside the UK or do you just look them up online if you haven't heard them before? I'd love to hear what you think. Please email me at with your thoughts.

I've got a couple of books on free promo over the next week or so, so if you haven't got your hands one of my thrillers or sci-fi books yet, now is the time to take the leap. Firstly, Don't Tell Meg is available for free on all of the main reading platforms - grab your copy here. Secondly, The Grid 1: Fall of Justice is also free at the moment - it's a heart-stopping, dystopian thriller available here. Enjoy!

This weekend I'm topping up my thriller tank by attending the Morecambe & Vice Crime Writing Festival. It's set in a traditional seaside town called Morecambe (UK) and many years ago I used to teach there. I'm looking forward to a weekend of murders, kidnappings and dramatic action ... but only in a fictional sense. It's events like these where authors swap their best tips and great plots are inspired :-)

I love going to Spain on my holidays and for those of you who read my books closely, you'll know that Alicante features in the Don't Tell Meg books and much of Who To Trust is based in the resort of Benidorm, where I paid a visit last December. Last weekend I hopped on a train to the wonderful city of Edinburgh to see the stage show of UK TV series Benidorm, which is based in the resort. If you love bawdy British/seaside humour it might be worth hunting for this series on Netflix, it's great fun!

There's so much good stuff to watch on TV these days. Not only is Better Call Saul back on Netflix (I think this is better than Breaking Bad) Ozark has also returned for a second gripping season. This Is Us season 2 is finally available to watch for free in UK, and I'm just loving the way they tell their stories in this drama. In the UK, everybody's been getting excited about a political thriller called The Bodyguard (not the Kevin Costner version) and I'm sure it'll make its way out to worldwide channels soon.

I'm giving up writing!

It's true, but only until New Year :-)

I have a 90k book written and ready to edit - So Many Lies - and I'm taking time out to plan out a series of thrillers which I'll be writing in 2019.

It feels really weird not to be writing something new, but I want to make sure that this series is all plotted out so I hit the ground running when I get back to the writing in January 2019.

It seems a long way away, but it'll be with us before we know it.

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