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Another St. Andrew's Congregational Meeting

NOTICE OF CONGREGATIONAL MEETING TO CALL A NEW PASTOR:  A meeting of the Congregation will be held virtually via Zoom on Sunday, September 20 at 10:30AM for the purpose of approving the Call of a new Pastor.

Dear Fellow St. Andrew’s Members,

After many months of work, your Pastor Nominating Committee is pleased to present to you a candidate for Pastor. 

For the moment, information must remain confidential, but we want you to know what is coming as your participation is vital as we move forward. 

On Saturday morning, September 19th we will send a biography of the candidate to the St. Andrew’s members who receive this email.  That afternoon we will host a Zoom “Meet and Greet” for members to meet the candidate. 

The candidate will participate in our recorded Sunday, September 20th, Worship Service posted on Youtube. Our usual Sunday morning Zoom Coffee Hour will be replaced by our Congregational Meeting to vote to approve the Call of the candidate as our new Pastor. 

Your PNC believes you will be well pleased with the candidate.  Your Session chose the members of the PNC well to represent the diversity of our congregation.  As such, we were determined to be unanimous in nominating the next Pastor.  We are!

Specific information about the Congregational Meeting and “Meet and Greet” will be sent in the near future. 


Diana, Julie, Kirk, Linda, Michelle, Nevin, and Tom
St. Andrew’s Pastor Nominating Committee

Get ready to ZOOM to the Congregational Meeting

We hope that a large number of our congregation will be able to participate in the Congregational Meeting via ZOOM.  If you feel challenged by participating in a Zoom meeting via computer or smart phone give a call to Scott.  He will try to set up a practice session with you to familiarize you with the Zoom process.

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