Fall 2020
Enterprise Version
“Only move forward with creating a product that will be ‘above the bar”
~ Brian Lawley
Inventory & Stock Keeping
Sellers can now search the inventory details of a batch either by Batch details or by Batch Code and in case no results appear for the search, a new batch can be created at the same time
Users can now make it mandatory to attach ‘proof of delivery’ while creating gate entry through a facility level configuration, helping them better track delays in between receipt of goods in the warehouse and actual GRN creation
A Gatepass Order Column has been added in the Gatepass Report along with two filters Gatepass Order and Gatepass Type to help sellers look at all the gate passes made against a single gatepass order
Sellers will now have to manually confirm the completion of a cycle count to avoid the completion of the cycle count by mistake
Putaway Inspected Not good item has been added as a new type of Putaway for item traceability. The sellers can mark item barcodes from good to bad using this putaway
Omnichannel Sellers can now find out the total available inventory and facility wise inventory snapshot for a list of SKUs using a new API, enabling them to track inventory in real-time for one or more SKUs
Order Processing
In the Bundling workflow, users can now mark items damaged or not found while receiving the bundling picklist in the staging area. They can also create new picklists for the damaged or not found items for the same shipment.

In the same workflow, while receiving the bundling picklist, users can now mark all remaining items as not found through the 'Mark other items not found' button
Users can now receive order items in bulk for SKU level traceability while receiving picklist at the invoicing dock which will result in enhanced operational efficiency
To help sellers have better visibility of batch details in batching enabled warehouses, all batching related information has been added to the GetSaleOrder, GetGRN and GetGatePass APIs
‘GetSaleOrder’ API has been further improved to provide additional fields in the response section, including:

- Selling price without tax & discount
- HSN code of sale order items
- MRP of sale order items
Return Management
Users will now be able to complete return putaways through API by passing following details in the Request:

- Sale Order & Item Code
- Inventory Status
- Return Reason and Shelf Code

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