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Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue & Rehome

The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of a new season; sunshine, rising temperatures, long lazy days (for some!), holidaymakers and heaving traffic. "Flaming June" is here in all its glory. Not forgetting the hugely important event in the first few days which is marked on all our calendars, and for which preparations have been going on for several weeks. Will it be a surprise win for Jeremy? Or will Treacle come up trumps? Harry looks a good contender too, and then there's Batz, Poppy, Billy…so many possibilities. It is, of course, the Last Chance Hotel Spring Fayre and Dog Show, on Sunday 4th June, a fab opportunity for Last Chancers and others to strut their stuff, and for us to meet new dogs and their owners. Paws crossed for good weather!

Being part of the core team of animal rescue is also to be part of a wider community of amazing, generous and warmhearted people, - other rescues around the country, all doing their very best for animals in need, and sometimes people. Teamwork between rescues was shown to huge effect in May, when we received a call from a lady in Wales, in great distress. The rescue community pulled out the stops to get this lady the help she needed, and with the assistance of the Welsh police and some fabulous people, she and her dog were taken away to be cared for. The distraught owner, who could no longer care for her best friend, signed her over, and she is now with a breed specific rescue looking forward to finding another loving home. We salute this lady for her great courage, in doing the right thing for her beloved pet.

In total contrast to this, we were asked to step in to help an elderly Golden Retriever, who had become “a liability”, simply because he couldn’t keep up with the other dogs in the family. This lovely dog is now in a great foster home, and someone is going to be very lucky to have him as a permanent member of their family.

The roller coaster from last month sped on regardless during May, bringing more heartbreak, as well as some very happy endings. Maybe June will level out a little, we can but hope. What matters is that we are here to help and save lives, and are truly grateful to all those who fundraise, donate, visit our shop to buy, and support us in any way they can. Every penny counts towards helping the animals in our care.


New Arrivals

The month of May started out quietly, but towards the end there was a flurry of activity with many dogs from all sorts of situations needing help and a place to lay their heads. A few have already found their forever homes, - Billy and Lily lurchers, and Ellie a little Yorkie, who waited all of 24 hours for her new family. Some were welfare cases, such as Mavis and Bunty Bubbles; some are bonded pairs, like Rosie and Jim, and William and Wilma. Also coming under our wing were Mac, the “liability” Golden Retriever, signed over by his heartless owner, and Barney, a Shih Tzu, sent to be PTS because he growled. They are all ages and sizes, now safe, and we will do our utmost to find them loving homes.

From Top Left, clockwise - Penny, Frank, Jasper Carrot, Barney, Mavis, Rosie and Jim, Bunty, Wilma. Mac is in the centre.

These are just a few of the incomers for last month. If you would like to follow their progress, and find out more about all the others, please check out our Facebook page and website lastchancehotel.org. We now have a news section on the Home page; dogs are constantly being assessed in their foster homes and information changes regularly.

Still Waiting

Katie featured as Rosie’s Dog of the Month for February, when she was looking for a very special fosterer to help prepare her for her forever home. She does have issues, and is reactive towards dogs when on a lead, but not aggressive. She is still learning how to behave around other dogs, and needs an adoptive home that will continue this training, with our advice and help. Katie is a very loving dog who thinks she is a lap dog, - she is quite dinky, but full of energy and loves her walks. She would benefit from a home with another calm dog where she can learn to play and pick up some nice doggy manners. There is always someone who is right for a dog, and a dog who is right for a human, sometimes it just takes a bit of time for the two to come together.

If you think you, or someone you know, could be that special someone for Katie, please go to our website lastchancehotel.org or contact one of the team by email info@lastchancehotel.org

Happy Departures to New Homes

A very happy month for over a dozen pooches! Spud and Lily, a bonded pair whose previous owner is very poorly, found a new home together, and Billy and Lily lurchers now have comfy sofas to curl up on. Wilma, the ex bait dog, who came in to LCH covered in bites and sores, landed on her paws with her lovely foster mum, and Coco, who has been waiting so long for her special someone, has finally found a place to call her own. Lilly, a sweet old SBT, who had been abandoned in a flat, has made one gentleman very happy, a match made in heaven for the two of them. These are the stories that can’t help but warm the cockles, and make all the hard work worthwhile.

Far top: Wilma. From top left, clockwise - Lilly, Billy, Lily, Charlie, Ellie, and Coco.

Meet the Team!

Volunteering for Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue as a Fundraiser

Fundraising is vital to any charity, and can take many forms. We hold a few events throughout the year, online auctions, and occasional awareness weekends at different venues. Last Chance Hotel is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, many of whom have full time jobs and other commitments of family. Claudine gives up her time to fundraise for us on a regular basis; here is her take on what she does for us:

“I fundraise as much as I can for Last Chance Hotel. My main fundraising point is at Pets At Home in Pool. The staff there are fantastic and pull out all the stops to help in every way possible.

At the moment they and we at LCH have a fundraiser running in which they sell scratch cards and all money raised will be shared out between their chosen Charities. We are lucky to be one of their Charities.

I run the awareness table and do various things like Tombola, cake sale and have an assortment of LCH merchandise available in exchange for a suggested donation, all to raise money for the animals in our care. I talk to people about the dogs that we have coming in and what they can do to be considered for adoption. I also point out other events that are going on for Last Chance Hotel by offering leaflets or just telling them about it. It is a great way to meet new people and more important dogs (I love dogs).

Last Chance Hotel is always in need of new Volunteers, you don't need to have any qualifications, just a good heart and a smile, the rest will follow.”


Pets at Home in Pool and Bodmin are great supporters of Last Chance Hotel. The charity ‘Support Adoption for Pets’ is affiliated to Pets at Home, and the scratch card fundraiser drive is running until 13th June, so if you’re in the area, pop in and try your luck! You could be a winner, and will be helping LCH at the same time.


Poet’s Corner

At 4am you wake us up
Not our idea of bliss
But all you want, our dear old pup
Are cuddles and a kiss

May Fundraisers

Phillip Hyden has reached his target! This lovely guy has been running a JustGiving page for over two years, with the promise that he would shave his waist length hair off (he is a hippy!) when his target of £1500 was met.
This event will take place at our Spring Fayre on 4th June, at Crofthandy Village Hall, near St Day. Phil is donating his hair to the Princess Trust, which is a charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair through illness. If you would like to add to the donations, it would really make his day! Find his page on JustGiving.com/PhillipHyden.

Enys Gardens at St Gluvias, near Penryn hold an annual Craft Fair in May, and this year they combined it with an Animal Charity weekend. Last Chance Hotel held a Fun Dog Show on the Sunday, and it was lovely to meet lots of new dogs and their caring owners. Mrs P of Mylor was the lucky winner of the scrumptious chocolate cake made specially by Carlawurlies Cake Company.

Grateful thanks to Enys Gardens for hosting the event, and to all those who came along to see us and join in the fun.

Pictured right is gorgeous Roxy, who took the Best in Show title.

If you would like to help LCH with a fundraising event, please contact the team with your idea on 01209 281159 or email Louisa on louisa@lastchancehotel.org.

Our Facebook Auction is now underway, raising vital funds for the animals in our care. Join the Last Chance Hotel Auction page and see what’s up for grabs! There are gifts, special treats, professional services and all sorts on offer.

Thank You!

Wowed by Animal Friends Insurance

Wow! Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the bi-monthly Animal Friends Insurance competition that gave us a chance to win a share of £20,000. Last Chance Hotel are receiving an amazing £8400 from Animal Friends, this is equivalent to £7 for each ‘wow’ vote we received from the 1200 peeps that voted for us. The biggest thank you goes to Animal Friends Insurance for nominating us to be one of the charities to benefit from the competition.

Pluto's Fundraising Drive

Many thanks to Sarah Margetts for fundraising for us on the Devon Cannonball at the end of April. Pluto, her recently adopted Last Chancer, flashed his lovely brown eyes at everyone and played his part in raising awareness and bringing in the pennies! Thank you Pluto and Sarah!

Secret Friends

A massive thank you to the lovely people who have anonymously donated £120 to us. Lovely customers at The Dog House in Helston. Thank you so much, - every penny is needed right now.

Team Edward

Huge thanks to Wendy Hopewell and Team Edward for their very generous donation.. it couldn't have come at a better time, with spiralling vet costs. Thank you so much.

Quizmaster Michael

Michael Tott hosted a quiz evening at the Halzephron Inn, Helston, at the end of May. Very many thanks to the pub for their great hospitality and welcoming Michael in to fundraise, and to Michael for your ongoing support, which is always much appreciated.

A Joyful Affair

A massive thank you to Joy Holroyd for having a stall at St Agnes Victorian Fair and raising much needed funds for LC

The Dog House and their customers are fantastic supporters of LCH. Not only does Kathryn pamper some of our poorly pooches, with a gentle grooming session, given freely and with love, but the shop is a veritable treasure trove of all things DOG. If you are ever in the Helston area, do drop in for a browse around. 18 Church Street, Helston TR13 8TG

Did you Know?

Our Amazon Wishlist, by which you can purchase specific goodies and have them delivered to us, is a lovely way to send a present for our animals! Click on the link to go straight there, it will open a new window.

There are also ways to help raise funds for us whilst you’re shopping online, which don’t cost you a penny. Easyfundraising is a scheme whereby you can shop at many popular retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and they will donate a small percentage (usually 1%) of your order to the charity of your choice, with no extra expense to you. Giveasyoulive is a similar scheme, with over 4000 retailers involved. It is easy to sign up, have a look at the websites easyfundraising.com and giveasyoulive.com.

Rainbow Bridge

Francis was due to join us from the pound. She was a welfare case, and very likely suffered abuse and neglect for most of her life. Sadly, the tumour on her side was causing her pain, and so the decision was made to let her go to the Bridge. RIP dear Francis, no more pain for you now.

Jake came to us from a loving home, his owner had to give him up due to a change of living accommodation. Jake went into long term foster with Carla, and spent many happy months in her care with her other oldies. Last month he was rushed to our vets where they scanned his tummy and found a tumour. There was nothing they could do, he would be in great pain, so we decided to help him on his way to the Bridge. Jake was such a gentle soul. RIP boy, we will see you soon.

Sometimes in rescue you get that one pooch that really pulls at your heart, and we have many, but one little pooch stands out... Milo. Little Milo was a very poorly boy. He was just a pup, it seems he had been kicked and suffered a head injury. After having so many MRIs, CAT scans and other investigations, he was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, (water on the brain). He had treatment for this but improvement was short lived. A different approach was made with new treatment, and we held our breath. He seemed to stabilise for a short while, but then took a turn for the worse. There were no other options left. This little pup should have had his whole life ahead of him, but someone took that away from him in the most despicable way. We made sure he had so much love at the end, lots of chocolate and cuddles. Play well Milo, with your new buddies.

Tamar and Bramble were mother and daughter, rescued from the cold concrete outhouse floor of a breeder, who had asked us to remove them in February last year. After seeing our vets they were placed in foster together, and have enjoyed love, play and beach walks galore. Bramble has now ambled off to Rainbow Bridge, having known kindness and a gentle hand in her twilight years.

Thanks and hugs to Carla, Gina, and Janet for all your love, care and kindness for these precious souls.

Rescues Revisited 

This is what Last Chance Hotel is all about....... 

Good morning everybody. Yesterday I went to the vets for an operation and had two poorly teeth removed as well. The vets told my mum and dad that I might be "zonked out" for a couple of days. But here I am waiting for breakfast before resuming my guard dog patrols at 0700! Love from Jack.…AR



Larry! He is the best dog that we have ever had! He loves his cuddles! He loves taking photos too! His best friend is my hamster, he will always talk to her! He is a lovely boy he honestly is, thank you LCH for giving him to us. MEAC


Boodiddly Fluffybutt, snoring away with her back to the room, totally relaxed. Never would have imagined this when she arrived, scared, always on edge and very distrusting. GA

Happy Gotcha Day!

“Gotcha Day” is the name given to the day a lucky hound first came into his or her forever home. Here are a few tributes from May of that celebration of love.


So one year ago today, Nigel and I got to pick up April and bring her home.
The state that she was in on that very first day will stay in my mind forever more. We still have more training to do. I'm not saying it has been easy, it has been hard work, challenging at times, April is like having a child! However we stuck side by side through everything that came our way.
April has come so far, her character has shone all the way through. Wherever I sit, April wants to sit. Wherever I go, April wants to go. Our bond is like no other that I have experienced in my lifetime.
I have done a re-enactment of the very first photo I took of her. It's obvious to see the photo on the left was the very first photo.
Its amazing what a bit (a lot!) of love and care can do.
I wouldn't be without this crazy, silly, amazing, intelligent, caring, nutty ass lurcher now.
Thank you LCH. April sends you guys lots of cuddles and kisses! K-LJ


Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Sammy!
You've had one hell of a year, losing your best bud and mentor Harley, gaining a new buddy in Crystal, gained a brother Fergus, moved house, and much more. You've conquered so much little man, as always I am so proud of you. RP



One whole year since we adopted Spangle....our home would be empty without her.....thank you LCH JJ


A year ago today little Lola came into our lives. Rescued by LCH from the 'pound' due to be PTS. Believed to have been on a 'puppy farm' and in a shocking state and according to LCH Vet was no more than three years old. Her foster mum Andrea loved and cared for her until I could collect her. A year on she is a bundle of happiness and everybody falls in love with her. So, thank you LCH for bringing this little diva to me and in the process I have made a good friend in Andrea. What a difference in a year. SC


Happy first Gotcha day Mr Scoobs. A year ago today Carla Whiting brought Scooby to see if he would like to stay with us. He bounded in leaping over the back of the sofa making himself very much at home. Then I think I won his heart when I produced a couple of digestive biscuits to share with him and he shared his slobber, lol. (He does like to decorate the house in Jackson Pollock style, good job I'm not house proud.) He stayed, slight panic when I realised it was Sunday but PAH was open and Scooby had his first ride in the car with us to get him something to eat. He does love his food. He's on a diet now, carrot snacks for him these days.
2 weeks later and Scooby was on holiday with us on a trip round Scotland in our camper van. He loved it and we even went to sea in a boat whale watching. (Sadly no whales to be seen.)
We adore this boy. Thank you LCH, you're all wonderful. X X JP

The Last Chance Hotel Hub Shop

The Hub Shop is situated at 83 Fore Street, Redruth, almost opposite Wilko’s, and open 10am - 4pm Monday to Saturday. Lots of new and preloved goods on sale and hot drinks in exchange for a donation. Pop in for advice about animal related issues, and a browse around! Our 'Sale' days have been very popular.

Volunteers to help man (or woman!) the shop are warmly welcomed, - just a couple of hours a week will help enormously. Please contact the shop on 01209 315547, or drop in for a chat.

Dates for your Diary

Sunday 4th June 2017 10am - 4pm
LCH Spring Fayre and Dog Show at Crofthandy Village Hall, Crofthandy, Nr St Day, TR16 5JQ. Details of times and classes (Companion Show and Fun Show) are on the LCH website.


Saturday 24th June 2017 Eyes down 2.30pm
Bingo in Aid of Peggy at Church Hall, Treslothan Road, Troon. Peggy is a poorly dog, almost totally blind, who was taken in by LCH and is now at the Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary in Dorset where she will spend the rest of her days.


Sunday 17th September 2017 10am - 4pm 

LCH Summer Fayre and Dog Show at Crofthandy Village Hall, Crofthandy, Nr St Day, TR16 5JQ. Please check LCH website nearer the day for confirmation of times and classes.

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

MK Clinton (author)

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