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My brain is mush...

Acute mush brain is absolutely happening this week. I had a wonderful time in Houston meeting (and fangirling) over some incredible authors. We had great food, lovely drinks, and so so SO many amazing panels to hash out how to bring the very best stories to you lovely people.

But alas, all things must end and real life intrudes. Most recently, in the form of some very needy cats who had Many Complaints about being left all alone with Mr. Lane. The horror!

In book news: Savage Pride is kicking along the edits process. And I'm working on a very special surprise to release the same day, yay!

Here's a small snippet to tide you over. <3


Trent braced himself against the sink and hung his head. His lion prowled through him, never once pausing in the meandering bullshit. The beast had been at it from the moment that human arrived and took up residence in his den.

A human. A fucking human.

With big, brown eyes with flecks of gold and a scent of vanilla and wildflowers and woodsmoke.

He seethed for more than light fingers against his skin.

One touch had flashed heat through his body and made his lion stand at attention. One touch had him slamming closed whatever door the beast tried to shove open. The human was nothing to him.


Preorder now! Releases December 4th!

New from friends!

Ruthless Rogue (Fierce Mates: Rock Creek Clan Book 4)

With an appetite like his, one night is never enough.

Faith is comfortable living a quiet life among her books. One wild night doesn’t define a person, especially when it’s based on a dare, or when it happens with a stranger she’ll never see again. But that was the past, and the guy is gone. She holds tight to the hot memories he left in his wake—and she tells herself those memories are enough.

It’s impossible for a shifter to forget his fated mate, but what happens when she doesn’t want to be found? Grizzly shifter Ian has been trying to track his one-night-stand for months. When he finds her, he realizes he’s not the only shifter interested in this captivating human woman. A rival shifter clan is sniffing around his mate, and there’s nothing Ian won’t do to keep her safe.

Ruthless Rogue is a steamy, fast-paced paranormal romance with a bookish heroine and a strong hero intent on claiming her. There’s a slight cliffhanger (more of a steep slope) teasing the next book, but Faith and Ian get their HEA.

If you’re a bibliophile and a fan of shapeshifter romance, one-click Ruthless Rogue and join Faith and Ian on the adventure of a lifetime!

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The Alien Reindeer's Christmas Package (A Winter Starr Book 9)

Delivering gifts to a human colony world was supposed to be an easy job. And it would be, if not for the invaders stealing anything Christmas related — which means shooting Dhannar down to take his cargo.

But it’s worth crashing on this ball of ice to meet Megan. The human female is everything Dhannar hoped for: beautiful and bold, smart and sassy. The moment he sees her Dhannar knows that Megan is his fated mate.

Now there's something even more important than his mission. Protecting Megan is his priority — protecting her and claiming her as his. Even if it means facing down an entire alien invasion.

She should be spending Christmas celebrating with her family. Instead, Megan's running from alien invaders who want to steal the holidays. Her only hope is Dhannar, the reindeer shifter who crashed in her path. An incredibly hot reindeer shifter who seems to think she belongs to him.

He's powerful, dominant, strong and sexy, and huge. He’s fighting the aliens who’re after her. And he wants her to be his mate.

Megan may not know exactly what that means, but she expects she'd enjoy finding out!

The Alien Reindeer's Christmas Package is a standalone romance with no cheating and a happy ever after ending. Curl up by the fire with some eggnog and enjoy!


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