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Global Ties Among Lithuanians – Let's Make Them Stronger!

There is so much we can do together to keep Lithuanians globally connected to Lithuania and among themselves! GLL volunteers devote their precious time and energy. You can devote a per cent or 2 of your income tax to GLL account and make sure the ties get tighter - GLL ID 302484453. 



All activity records of registration have been beaten already, but sky is the limit when there is so much at stake. Present engagement of global Lithuanians in main political decisions will prove their value and influence, will determine the course of further relations between Lithuania and its diaspora, will set the pace of country's development. REGISTER to VOTE now!

Clubs of Global Professionals | Support to DABAR Campaign

Clubs of Global Lithuanian Professionals Abroad were the first to deliver the financial and moral support to the PLB Initiative DABAR - Register to Participate in the Elections of 2019. The initiative was established by global Lithuanian Rimvydas Baltaduonis as early as 2016. It aims to activate all segments of Lithuanian diaspora to show their interest in the political development in Lithuania. The clubs raised the money and produced the visual material for active sharing on social networks.

LT Big Brother | Season of Super Mentors

The new season of LT Big Brother stands out by exceptional crowd of almost 200 experienced Big Brothers and Sisters from all continents. They cover the widest range of sectors so far: from usual marketing and management, to rare though demanded engineering and medical sciences.  

Talent for Lithuania | Amazing Positions for Returning Talents

Talent for Lithuania program has already presented the first batch of applications to our participating companies, as well as welcomed new companies on board!  Next week, 3 major international companies are joining our ranks for the first time. Follow our Facebook page and website to stay in the loop. Last but not least: don’t forget to spread the word about the program among your friends and family, as every young professional’s return to Lithuania matters.

GLL Networking Back to Vilnius | Easter Edition

The last GLL Networking Back to Vilnius | Easter Edition was a blast! Because of Easter break, we had visitors as Živilė Kriščiūnienė from DC Professionals, Marius Raugalas and Co. from LCLC and Rūta Naujokaitė from LEO Berlin, from whom the crowd learned more about the clubs of global professionals, their strive for togetherness, and variety of engagements and events. Every global traveller shall know - there is a club to join in many larger cities.


Startup Fair | Mark the Date

We are happy to share the event of long-term GLL partner Enterprise Lithuania and Startup Lithuania. Mark May 30-31 on your calendars and take part in the biggest startup event in Lithuania Startup Fair. Change 2019, taking place at Kablys + Kultūra, Vilnius. What to expect? Impressive speeches on 2 different stages, B2B meetings and the most challenging session – startup pitch battle of 50 pre-selected startup candidates.

Clubs of Global Professionals | Spring Meet-up of Toronto Professionals

In 2015, GLL team held successful networkings in three cities in North America: New York, Chicago and Toronto. For Lithuanian professionals of the latter, it served as the occasion to get together and found the Canadian Lithuanian Professionals Group uniting over-achievers of all emigration waves. On April 25 this year, the Group gathered to renew the contacts, listen to each others professional stories and activate the participation in the upcoming elections. More photos and information - HERE.

Clubs of Global Professionals | New Club in Tallinn

Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Abroad have a new addition to the friendly family – Lithuanian Professionals in Tallinn (LPT). According to its founder Ieva Matulaitienė, Franchise Manager for Baltic States at Coca-Cola Company, the club will serve as the platform of networking among Lithuanians working there, will work on initiatives strengthening Lithuania's image in Estonia, will cooperate with clubs in other cities for more effective joint projects.


Jurga Žilinskienė | Queens award for international trade

Our sincere greetings goes to our prominent member and GLL Business Advisor Jurga Žilinskienė. Her majesty the Queen has honoured Jurga's company Today Translations with the Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade – the highest official UK award for Britain's businesses. "After years of celebrating those who will go to any lengths to make money, at the expense of society as a whole, we are coming back around to valuing those businesses that do the right thing, put best practice measures in place, and go above and beyond to ensure all parties are well served and protected by the choices management makes," – said Jurga. Read the whole article here

Tomas Šlimas | New Member

Greet a new member of GLL professional network Tomas Šlimas, co-founder of Oberlo start-up. Two years ago it was successfully sold to Canadian e-commerce company Shopify for 15 million USD, and now Tomas splits his time between Vilnius and Berlin, while managing Shopify online marketing division. We are very much hoping to hear more from Tomas in our forthcoming GLL Forum in December, 2019!      

9000 followers of GLL Facebook page like faithful believers inspire the hardworking team try even harder!


Last Day to Register for Elections | London | May 3 | 5pm

Even though UK accounts for a few hundred thousand Lithuanians, the registration stays within tens. Be and become active participants of Lithuanian political system!

Can the Balitcs Market Themselves Better in Sweden? | Stockholm | May 15 | 6 pm

Three former Ambassadors of Sweden to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will share their views and recommendations about how the Baltic companies can present themselves to Sweden.

Meeting of Lithuanian Professionals in Geneva | May 24 |

Lithuanian Professionals in Switzerland have announced their second meeting, this time in Geneva. The program includes visit to World Intellectual Property Organisation and presentations on Vilnius Blockchain Center and International Organisations based in Geneva.

2nd Baltic Economic Conference | June 10-11 | Riga

Global Baltic Economists, be invited to submit papers the 2nd Baltic Economic Conference. This time it will take place in Riga at the Stockholm School of Economics on June 10-11, 2019.  The Baltic Economic Conference is organized by the Baltic Economic Association, founded by leading economic researchers mainly from Lithuania and the Baltic States to contribute to the development and application of economics as a science in the Baltic States, and to promote joint scholarly research and intellectual exchange between economists.

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