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November 28 2020

On the Homefront

Our current Role Playing Game is set to culminate in a series of military battles, and I’ve decided these will be fought using miniatures. I have quite a collection that I’ve assembled over the years, but the problem is that we use a fairly standard-sized dining room table, and in 28mm scale, that doesn’t give much room for manoeuvring. As you know from past newsletters, we acquired a Phrozen Sonic Mini resin printer during Amazon Prime Days, and that was the start of my army building adventures.

The software was easy to use, though it took some time to get a usable print. This was primarily due to figuring out all the settings I needed. I also discovered that I could scale any 28mm figure down to 15mm, making it far easier to assemble a large army. Now, I have a growing army of humans and dwarves, but perhaps I’ll throw in some elves or orcs for good measure.

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There can be no peace while any possibility of invasion remains

After beating back the Norlanders, the Mercerians decide on retribution through force of arms. Provoked by all that has happened, they are determined to do something that has never been done before — a full-scale invasion of Norland.

Weakened as they are, they must rely on their allies to increase their prospects for success. For the Orcs, it is a chance to reclaim their ancestral lands, while the Trolls seek to protect their new home. The Dwarves see it as an opportunity to increase trade, but for the Elves...

Even with Weldwyn coming to their aid, Queen Anna fears it's still not enough to turn the tide of battle. Yet when refugees flood across the border, she has to wonder if it's an opportunity for an unexpected ally or a clever deception.

On the eve of battle, just as the army is set to attack, word comes of a dark presence stalking the land, jeopardizing the entire invasion. Can they vanquish this ancient evil, or will they be consumed by it?

Join the campaign against Norland in Fury of the Crown, the fast-paced, riveting eighth book in the Heir to the Crown series. If you like dangerous situations, risky plans, and engrossing storylines, then this is the book for you!

Tear into your copy of Fury of the Crown, and witness the wrath of Merceria.

Heir to the Crown: Book Eight

Releases: December 22, 2020
Available: All retailers

The Frozen Flame: Book Four

Releases: May 25, 2021
Available: All retailers

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Baronets and Canadian History

While doing some research this week,  I was reading up on the nobility, particularly baronets in the UK. Baronets are not considered peers (meaning they cannot sit in the House of Lords) and are addressed as Sir (or Dame) rather than Lord. The article on Wikipedia noted there have only been four baronetesses (yes, that is a hard word to say). I should mention at this point that the title only passes through male heirs, or at least it used to. I’m not sure what it does these days.

Of these, only one, Dame Mary Bolles, was created a baronetess. This was done on 19 Dec 1635 in the county of Nottingham, the title being a baronetage of Nova Scotia. As a Canadian, this immediately caught my attention. Apparently, in 1624, King James VI announced that he would create 100 baronets in order to encourage settling of the province. Each of these baronets was required to support six colonists for up to two years or pay a government fee.

Interesting what you can find on the Internet.

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How can one man succeed when an entire army has failed?

Amarantis, a powerful Fire Mage, searches the battlefield, seeking his next victim.

Giselle refuses to give in to defeat. Instead, she demands the surrender of her enemy, even in the face of imminent death.

Cyric is not looking for a fight, wishing only to help those injured. All that changes when he sees the life-and-death struggle unfolding before him.

Now, with nothing left in their arsenal, magic once again threatens them with its fiery fury. In a flash of inspiration, Cyric attempts to save Giselle, but is it enough to turn the tide of battle in their favour?

Has Amarantis met his match when he crosses the path of Brother Cyric? Find out in Paul J Bennett's Into the Maelstrom, A Chronicles of Cyric prequel story.

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Medieval Rank and Structure

Although ancient Rome had a very structured military, that type of organization fell into disuse when their empire collapsed. By the middle ages, there was little in the way of formal organization in armies. The term sergeant was typically assigned to a professional soldier, or in some cases, experienced veterans. A company was simply a collection of men serving a particular noble and could range in numbers quite considerably.

However, in later medieval times, the person in charge of a company became known as a captain, a word that traces back to the Latin language. It is also related to the old French word capitan or the even earlier chevetaigne. In fact, many modern ranks owe their origins to the French language, including the word lieutenant, which literally means someone who is holding a position in lieu of someone else, in this case, a captain. It is also curious to note that it is pronounced loo-tenant in American, while in the commonwealth, we say left-tenant, even though both are spelled the same way.

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Work in Progress Update

Warrior Knight now sits at just over 91,000 words, with another 14 chapters to write, unless, of course, I add more like I did yesterday. With the finished product expected to come in around 130,000 words, I should be done in another two weeks, by my reckoning. Although admittedly, my speed usually picks up during the last third of a book, so I may be done even sooner.

Not only that, but I’ve also begun working on something extra during my free time—a new Mercerian Tale that’s been picking at my brain. It likely won’t be a full-length novel, more akin to The Call of Magic, but I’m looking forward to diving into it. Any guesses who it might be all about? (Hint - It is not someone who has been featured in a Mercerian Tale book before)

Finally, Fury of the Crown is finished being edited and is off to the ARC team next week in preparation for its release on December 22, and early Christmas present for yourself!


Until next time, here is another sneak peek from Fury of the Crown: Book Eight

Gerald turned to Master Bloom. "Tell me, Revi, when can we expect our own mages to be able to communicate over long distances? It would certainly benefit the army."

The mage's face showed a look of disgust. "There's more to magic than simply battles, you know. In any event, we must consider how to pay for all of this training. Learning magic takes time, and we can't have the students working on farms while they learn how to harness their power."

"The Crown will assume the cost," said Anna.

"That's most generous of you, Your Majesty."

"It is not without a price," she added. "In exchange, your students will be required to render services to the Crown."

"I should have expected that I suppose," said Revi, a trace of gloom entering his voice.

"When would you start?"

"That depends on Aubrey. She's the one with the expertise. Of course, there's also the matter of where the school would be located."

"We already know that," said Anna.

"We do?"

"Yes, at the old Royal Estate on the outskirts of Hawksburg. I gave it to Aubrey for that very purpose."

"You did? Why wasn't I notified?"

"You were unavailable," said the queen, "due to your infirmity."

"Still, she could have told me about it afterwards."

"A great deal has occurred in your absence, Master Bloom, and we cannot spend all day catching you up on things. Your presence is most welcome, of course, but you must make an effort to find out what you missed on your own. We are far too busy."

"I humbly apologize, Your Majesty."

"As well you should," rebuked the queen. "Now, let us get on to other things, shall we?"

Did you know?

As a very young child, I used to play soldiers with my older brother using sticks instead of real guns. I honestly can't remember what sides we played on, or what war we were reenacting, but that is one of my first memories of being interested in history!

I would love to hear about something you did as a child that still influences you to this day!

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