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It has been a wonderful spring and summer so far and I am excited to share some new developments and happenings surrounding my art going forward.

June 2019 - 2020
47900 CA-1, Big Sur, California

There is currently a large selection of my latest paintings on exhibition at the world renowned Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California. I'm grateful to have so much work on display in such a beautiful place brimming with natural beauty!

For years, the Post Ranch Inn has been dedicated to finding and featuring original art from all over the world. This is evident by their Mercantile which houses an art gallery, exhibiting a diverse collection of works by invitation only.

All paintings will continue to be shown into 2020, so be sure to stop by while enjoying Big Sur. Additional info


September 27, 2019 - February 9, 2020
106 E. Main Street, Los Gatos, California

I'm thrilled to announce that I will have a very special exhibition opening at the New Museum Los Gatos in September. GROUNDED is very unique as it'll be the first time my paintings will be presented in tandem with my landscape designs, architectural renderings, site photographs, and studio and plein air sketches. This show is set to reveal the unfolding layers and practices that inspire me to create meaningful landscapes, while making connections to my work on canvas. 

Join me on Saturday, October 5th from 2-4PM for the opening reception. More event info

In another recent development, I've teamed up with esteemed art curator Lisa Coscino from the Partners arts agency. Lisa has been a tremendous help in finding new and exciting galleries to have my work shown. Her extensive experience working with art is sure to propel our collaboration into a very progressive direction. 

Lisa has a long history of working with luminaries and innovators in the art world. From curating, to short film making and working on social justice projects, her insight and expertise is extremely deep and varied. I'm ecstatic to have Lisa's support behind me and my art. 

I have been delving further into heavily textured and deeply layered paintings. My thoughts about what is beneath the surface have been growing for the past five years and now I am deepening my understanding of the forces behind these ideas. The painting series BLEACHED and I AM CALIFORNIA both raise questions on context, regionalism, who we are in our chosen place? I will continue the search.


After trips to Australia, Japan and Spain last year my focus so far this year has been centered around ground studio's landscape designs, my personal garden and developing art studio space at home (seen in the images here). This has been a thrilling process to throw caution to the wind and go for it. I paint outside in my garden more than I paint inside and then I transfer the paintings into a small gallery space downstairs. I find that my attitude toward my art fully develops in a deeper way as I live with the paintings on my walls for weeks and months. I am truly inspired on my home ground. On the travel front I am headed New York and Spain in October so more inspiration will be coming home with me and this will be ‘spread' onto my land in some way. Onward

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