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Jean-Nicolas Reyt
Management Professor & Negotiation Coach. Author of the Master Negotiator Newsletter.
I am delighted and honored to announce that McGill University's Management Undergraduate Society(MUS) named me Professor of the Year for the academic year 2020-2021!

Our B.Com. program is home to 2,500 bright students from all over the world. Every class I teach, I am amazed at how smart, curious, and kind our students are. Receiving this award from such a talented student body touches my heart.

Thank you to Sydney Kalyn from MUS for organizing such a wonderful award ceremony yesterday. Thank you to MUS, and especially to Jonathan Gurveyfor his exceptional leadership,

I also want to congratulate two of my students, Arielle Lokand Anne Khazzam, who received awards for their service to our school. I am proud of you.

I want to thank my two sidekicks: Julia Ceroneand Karyann Nadeau, who help me in every class I teach. Finally, I send lots of love to Giulia Campofredanoand her team at the B.Com. office. They are the ones running the show. All I do is show up and teach.

Thank you all, and I wish you an amazing day.
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