My Mistake

So, sorry. In the first email, I mistakenly said the books were free. My book will be free Sept 9-11 but it's a month-long promo, and authors in KU can only be free for 5 days so, at some point many/most of them will be free or free in KU but the heading of the first email was wrong. My apologies.

21 fae books for you to claim!

Do you love fae romance? Do you have a thing for elves or wolves or dragons? Alphas, betas, omegas?

You've come to the right place! I was invited to join a select group of bestselling authors writing fae romance. All 21 of the books in this Fall for the Fae book promotion offer delicious fae heroes for you to fall for.

Some are on sale, some are full price, some are Free in KU.

See if you find your next book boyfriend!

Yes please!

Prequel Bonus Content for my Exemplar Hall Magi series

Do you want to start at the very beginning? Over the first year Jesse spends at Exemplar Hall, she and Wyatt find out more and more about what happened when their dad was exiled and marked for death.

In DEATH OF A MAGI KNIGHT, you get the true story of how John Jackson Helm became the blight of the Magi world. 

Go ahead and claim your copy of this novella prequel story today.

Yeah, baby! I love extra content

JL Madore

Whitby, Ontario